Renowned investor and founder of investment firm Scion Asset Management, Michael Bury issues a warning about a real Great Recession that he believes will last for many years.
Barry is best known for being the first investor to anticipate and profit from the US subprime crisis that occurred between 2007 and 2010, an account of the mortgage crisis in Michael Lewis’ book “The Big Short” that created went.
Big Short Investors got married on Tuesday to see what is the strategy that will get us out of this recession or what are the forces that will drag us so far. Perhaps there is no such force because we are actually looking at a multi-year recession predicted by an unknown. Also he has warned about the recession out there and the big shot investor has expressed his concern about the recession and the problem of excess earnings and expressed his views about it.
In April, according to him the Federal Reserve is not in favor of fighting inflation and saying that it rides further to the rescue in order to reload the monetary market and can fund the treasury.
NYU Professor Nouriel Roubini, better known as Dr. Doom, responded to Berry by tweeting that we are predicting a long and severe Great Depression and loss of business, and that a detail matters. We are heading for a great stagflationary debt crisis.
In another tweet he writes that he has argued throughout the year that the chances of the coming Great Depression will be small and not small.
This week Tesla CEO and Twitter head Elon Musk also issued a warning of a severe Great Depression through his tweets, calling on the Fed to immediately lift interest rates and stressing that the central The Bank Federal Reserve is massively raising recession prospects.Warned of severe recession. He urged the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates “immediately”, stressing that the Fed is “massively increasing the likelihood of a severe recession.”


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