According to a study published by Dappradar and shared by the news, the blockchain gaming industry remains great despite the recent FTX decline where currently a significant amount of the top list are decentralized apps, Alien Worlds, Splinterlands, Farmers World, Benji Famous blockchain games include Banana and Planet IX where the report says that the most important and popular blockchain in terms of block confluence was wax and the BNB chain was the second most popular blockchain with wax averaging 344,284 daily UAW, while BNB blockchain averaged 171,269. dUAW was.
Where as the BNB blockchain took a hit after the fall of FTX as November recorded a cent drop on average at 35 and according to reports Solana was down 89.42% as of November 2nd daily activity. While figures show that it fell to “2,326 daily UAVs which is the lowest number ever recorded and in the details of the report we can learn that “VAX-based Alien Worlds played with 212,000 DUAWs”. Gaye managed to increase by an impressive 25 per cent to emerge as the highest-grossing game.
Dappadar states that Splinterland was the second largest and most played game to be developed with 169,000 dUAW. “Upland, AR mobile estate games, and other activities continue to decline and reach 31,595 dUAW in October,”
“Overall activity for the mobile game Trickshot Blitz grew by an astonishing 70% month-on-month, and the Flow blockchain-based game reached 23,086 dUAW.” According to the data, all orders and interest in Axi Infinity continue to decrease, where the report The Axi Infinity continues its downward trend and averaged 19,434 dUAW, which is down 21% from September, according to the Axi Infinity and Raillights, which are the first third-party devices to use non-existing NFC methods. is the product.


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