Biggest Movers: ADA Climbs to 11-Week High as Crypto Markets React to US GDP Data

Cardano (ADA) rebounded on Thursday taking its price to an 11-week high in the process and after a low of $0.3537 on Wednesday when we look at ADA/USD trading above $0.3866 earlier today. manages to reach an all-time high and as a result of this event, Cardano reaches its highest price since November 8 which is the last time it was above $0.4100. Looking at the charts, ADA’s earlier gains have been negated as it looks like traders converted a higher range at $0.3875 into profits. As of writing, the token appears to be trading at $0.3774 and is near its own resistance at 74.00 on the 14-day Relative Strength Index. The index which is currently tracking at 69.22 will need to move above the 74.00 point for ADA to move above $0.3875 and also Monero (XMR) fell on its first day as it hit the key resistance level. had reached close to
XMR/USD managed to reach an advanced high of $178.15 earlier in the day which we see in less than a day after falling to a low of $169.84 and we can see the results of today’s rally That sent Monero closer to its long term resistance level of $180.00 which was last broken on Sunday and as we can see in the chart it is currently down from its high of 65.00 with a current reading of 63.25 on the Relative Strength Index hovering below. For XMR to move back above the $180.00 level, the bulls will need price strength to first overcome the 65.00 mark.


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