Blur NFT Marketplace Surges in Volume and Market Share, Rivaling Industry Leader OpenSea

An NFT marketplace called Blur has seen the highest growth in market share in the last 30 days and according to analytics data the market holds 30% of the total NFT market shares and crypto participants attribute the rise of Blur to its origins. The upcoming launch of the token is linked as well which was originally scheduled for January 2023 but appears to have been delayed according to the team’s statement. Now this token will be issued on 14 February 2023. The platform tweets on Thursday that we know that it is beyond or does not match our initial estimate and we are trying to achieve new things and we need 2 more weeks so that we can make a Will allow launching which has not been done before. Seven-day data from indicates a record $33.06 million in NFT sales. Opensea’s weekly sales are the second highest in total sales figures released this week after $112.89 million, and Blur’s sales totaled $5.08 million the previous day, compared to Opensea’s $16.24 million, according to 24-hour data. Its rise is certainly similar to that of the LuxRay NFT marketplace, which saw an increase in users in 2021 when the LuxRay community decided not to store 120 million A Look or airdrop 12 percent of total supply. This incentive to acquire the air drop token certainly fueled the growth volume of Luxray and it managed to do all this after capturing significant volume with the marketplace during the fourth quarter of 2021. Luxray for a short term in January 2022 captured the daily volume and has since dropped from the second leading NFT market to the fifth position in sales today. If we look at sales to date, Blur has captured $458.05 million in sales since its inception and is ranked 11th in the NFT marketplace in terms of sales so far. This is below NFT markets such as Magic Eden’s $2.07 billion, Luxray $1.69 billion, and X2Y2’s $1.07 billion. While it has surpassed all-time sales recorded by NFT marketplaces WAX Atomic Market ($441.42 million), Immutable X Marketplace ($387.11 million), and Risible ($301.95 million).


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