Dogecoin (DOGE) fell to a 10-day low on Wednesday and prices fell for the third time in a row where after hitting a high of $0.101 on Tuesday, the coin reached a low of $0.09519 for the first time in today’s session where the result Swaroop Meme Coin also fell to its lowest point since 28th November and the price reached as low as $0.0907. Now looking at the chart we can say that Dogg is expected to gain momentum again and expect The move is said to be close to a support point which is unable to hold itself above the 14-day Relative Strength Index at 54 and is currently eyeing 52 point zero seven which is next year’s support. Point 49 is up to Point 25 level and Dogecoin apart from these we can say in today’s session another famous token that is falling has been Chainlink.

LINK/USD slipped to a low of $6.80 earlier in the day, which comes less than 24 hours after trading at a peak of $7.29 and today’s drop, like that of Dogecoin, took a toll on the world’s twentieth largest coin. has slipped to its lowest level since 28 November.
On these occasions the price reached as low as $6.53 and $6. It was above a minor bottom of 50.
It looks like traders are looking for ChainLink to get back to this level and it comes just as the RSI is closest to its floor and the index is tracking at 46.89, close to the point of support at 45.00. is close. It can definitely be said that Dogecoin is trying to go up while Chain Link is also trying to go up and the combination of both at this point of time does not inspire a sense of hope in the minds of the investors but there is hope. Maybe it will definitely come up.


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