The crypto-share of Russia’s total electricity consumption is expected to reach 1.30 by the end of 2022, according to Russia’s Deputy Energy Minister Pavel Snickers, at a conference where government officials recalled that last year’s figure was around one percent. Jahan snickers pointed out that mining in the country depends on the availability of electricity and the number of users who want to connect to grade in a particular location and further the Deputy Minister mentioned as an example that the crypto industry is currently Offers are being made for power generation capacity that will ensure the construction of new power plants as well as the availability and availability of resources and the decision to start construction which in the case of nuclear stations may take more than 1 decade; and Also, the process is based on requests from potential customers, while some projects are not exactly ready for launching on time and capacities are not fully loaded.
According to experts, individuals mining digital currencies will sometimes run into trouble with electricity rates increasing some consumption, where the infrastructure is no longer able to handle the increased use of electricity, and the energy industry needs to be a reliable user and supply to other users. Accordingly, he attempted to characterise cryptocurrency mining as a business activity and in mid-November voiced his support for the department in its support for a draft law with the lower house of the Russian parliament and the Duma.
While legislation to amend the existing law on digital assets has yet to be legally passed by the Duma and further reviewed by the Central Bank of Russia and the head of the parliamentary financial markets committee, lawmakers said Will pass the law by the end of the year, as well as following recent reports that demand for mining equipment is increasing in Russia in a few months, and electricity consumption as well as revenue will increase several years ahead of this year’s crypto winter. The period is falling and we know that sanctions over the war in Ukraine have taken a toll on Russian mining barons.


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