Kevin O’Leary Reveals FTX Paid Him $15 Million to Be a Spokesperson for the Exchange

Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, also known as Mr. Wonderful, says he was offered $15 million by cryptocurrency exchange FTX to become a spokesperson, and that he sold about $9.7 million in crypto. has made a special investment and seems to have discovered this but he does not know that all is for naught yet he describes SBF as a seasoned strategist and praises him saying that if he has any venture it is his Will help again.

US Senator calls on Sam Bankman-Fried to answer for the failure of FTX and Alameda Research

The collapse of cryptocurrency exchange FTX will be heard next week where US lawmakers have invited the former CEO of SBF to testify on December 13 and asked him to answer all questions with his statements or face subpoenas. And in addition there has been criticism of the Congresswoman who politely asked the former CEO to testify while the senators have clearly stated that the accountability clearly lies with the former CEO and of course he has to be present which is for him It is mandatory that in response to this it was tweeted earlier that SBF will be present to testify only after checking all the facts.

The Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort Expects Bitcoin and Ethereum to Be ‘Much Higher’ Despite FTX Collapse

​​Jordan Belfort expects cryptocurrencies bitcoin and ethereum to grow much more than they are now and says that the collapsed market and industry will rise again and says that if investors invest in crypto exchanges carefully Its potential to grow is high and he guarantees that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will directly benefit investors in the coming years, but he also advises investors to avoid sheep trading in crypto exchanges. Do not invest, but invest with thought and understanding, then very good results can be seen.

Alameda-Funded Ren Asks Users to ‘Revert to Native Chainlinks’ as It Scraps 1.0 Platform

According to Open Protocol Rain’s team, developers are planning to shut down the 1.0 network following the collapse of FTX and Alameda Research, and that they have funded development every quarter since Alameda took over. and warned the developers that 1.0 and 2.0 cannot be guaranteed and that users should return to the value chain where they plan to launch 2.0 and consider making it attractive and comfortable for users are doing.

Biggest Movers: LTC, ATOM Extend Downtrend, Hit 10-Day Low

Litecoin fell for the third session in a row on Thursday as the coin looked to move away from higher levels while the cryptocurrency has been mostly bearish in recent days amid fears of a global recession and Cosmos also suffered losses in today’s session. After a high of $79.20 on Wednesday, LTC went down to a low of $74.82 on the first day while the token went down to a low of $73.39. On Thursday, ATOM returned to the market with a low of $9.52. The entry saw it trading at its lowest level since November 28 which last saw the token hit its floor at $9.45.

Drones, Fertility, and DeFi – A Look at Alameda Research’s Massive $5.4 Billion Investment Portfolio

A document was published detailing Almeida’s investment portfolio where the company has spent more than $5 billion on hundreds of investments and moved in some investors such as a breeding company called Ivy Natal and a drone manufacturer called Brink Drones. The company has invested in Paxos, Messari, Starkware, Circle, Fanatics, Magic Eden, and Sky Mavis (Axie Infinity).


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