Litecoin (LTC) hit a six-month high on Monday as the coin continued to climb for a second session.
While following a low of $75.93 on Sunday, LTC /USD rose to a high of $83.49 earlier today.
As of now, Litecoin is at its strongest point since May 10, when the token is trading at a high of $85.02 and, moreover, the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) is surging above its high at 66.00. Already happened.
The index is reaching 68.43 points, its strongest point since November 24.
SHIB/USD reached a high of $0.00001005 at the beginning of the week, which came with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm after falling to the level of $0.000009253 on Sunday.
And as a result of today’s advance, the Shiba Inu is now trading at its highest point since Nov 11, and at a central angle to a key resistance point.
SHIB failed to take the coin out of this range at $0.00001010, instead opting to liquidate the position earlier and take other profits.
Due to this, SHIB has slipped from the earlier highs, and is trading at $0.000009866 as of writing.
This happens when the RSI comes close to its own resistance level at the 56.00 mark. The index is currently tracking at 55.39. This rise of Litecoin is considered to be very encouraging for the investors which is the highest level it has achieved for the investors since May and with this height the wealth of the investors has increased where they have to Getting more investment opportunities and trying to take advantage of various opportunities. Indeed this growth shows that this normally bullish token is now technically strong.


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