According to the data, NFT sales of approximately $112.70 million were recorded in the last 7 days with a volume that is 5.23% less than the sales volume of the previous week and the metrics show a growth of 2.4% within NFT transactions, while most of the sales volume is Ethereum based. This is seen in NFTs as Ethereum-based sales during the last 7 days were valued at $86.59 million, while ETH-based NFT sales are 10.06% lower than NFT sales generated from the Ethereum blockchain.
Solana recorded an increase of $16.11 million in NFT sales last week, with a 29.57% increase in NFT sales. Algorand saw an increase of 55.15% over the previous week in ALGO-based NFT sales, but ALGO NFTs only make up $93,242 of the total sales during the past week.

Arbitrum also saw a higher than expected increase this week which is 50% more than the 10 sold last week. While NFT sales only reached $269,453 of the total $112.70 million.

In terms of weekly NFT sales, the fourth largest blockchain was Cardano with $1,680,901 in terms of NFT sales. Wherein Cardano NFT sales have increased by 8.89% compared to last week’s sales and blockchain NFT sales.

Immutable X captured the biggest number with $4,128,023 which was a third but sales were down 2.73% from the week before and the NFT collection with the most sales in the last 7 days was Deed which In 3,990 transactions I captured $8,632,529 of sales.

Other acts followed were the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), which sold $6,448,670, and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club, which recorded $5,872,336 in 7-day sales, and Clonex, Light Years Mint Pass, Sorare, Y00t, Gods Unchained, Cryptopunks and Azuki followed closely behind in terms of seven-day sales.

The most expensive NFT sold during the past week was Cryptopunk #4,181, an Ethereum based NFT that sold two days ago for $187K. Cryptopunk was #4,181 followed by BAYC #276 who sold for $179K and Azuki #9,143 who sold for $174K. At the time of writing, BAYC has the most expensive minimum price value on December 5, 2022, between the Cryptopunks collection and the BAYC collection.


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