Standard Chartered Bank on Sunday published a “2023 financial market surprise note” in which Eric Robertson, global head of research at Standard Chartered, wrote that the note “in fact outlines a number of possible scenarios” and he thinks the market will react to them. These are installed at low cost.
One of the scenarios counts the price of bitcoin up to $5000 by next year and the current price of bitcoin around $17000 down by about 70%.

According to a detailed report released by Robertson Technically, as yields slide along with stocks and sell-offs and losses are done, more and more crypto firms and exchanges find themselves with an insufficient liquidity Which leads to bankruptcies and loss of confidence of investors in assets and a huge decline is registered.
Standard Chartered analysts also make it clear that this is a non 0 probability in the coming years as an extreme and materially out of line with the market consensus and their fundamental views and given that we can think that the crypto currency may fall further and official farms may succumb to liquidity crunch and investor withdrawal while gold may rise by thirty percent to $2250 per ounce besides re-establishing itself as a safe haven i.e. May consolidate his position and further show that gold has a 2023 resurgence as equities relaunch the market and the correlation between bond prices turns back to negative and Standard Chartered Bank’s Commenting on the $5000 bitcoin price outlook, Goldberg and economist Peter Schiff and others reiterated their prediction that bitcoin is about to see more downside as it could drop further and on Monday he tweeted that bitcoin has more than 70% downside risk M raised and moreover even after such a fall the price of bitcoin will be very high so it can never go below $5000 which is an impossible thing. Where recently seasoned investor Mark Mobius or Keep It says coin may fall to $10000 next year as Federal Reserve continues to raise its interest rates and tighten monetary policy further which means that bitcoin is still more But some are still optimistic about bitcoin and venture capitalist Tim Draper, for example, has doubled down on his BTC price forecast of $250,000 by the middle of next year.


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