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Crypto Blockchain News Of the Day – 06-Dec-2022

Standard Chartered Bank: Bitcoin Could Drop to $5,000 Next Year

Standard Chartered Bank says that the price of bitcoin could fall to $5000 next year, where according to the characteristics, the crypto currency is expected to decline further and it states that the price could fall further if the Federal Reserve raises interest rates. Where there is lack of liquidity and investors are leaning towards withdrawal. They consider bitcoin price as negative more than seventy percent and such decline will never happen all bitcoin will not be below $5000 because some people are still optimistic and consider bitcoin as good source and according to them bitcoin will increase.

NFT sales this week down 5% from last week, Ethereum NFT sales up 76.8%

On Monday, 5th December, when we look at the market, we find that despite a 15.16% increase in NFT buyers, NFT sales have decreased by 5.23% compared to last week’s sales and NFT sales volume has decreased by 15.16%. Of the $112.70 million, Ethereum-based NFTs accounted for $86.59 million or 76.8% of the $112 million in sales volume where we mostly see both NFT sales and shortfalls.

North Korean Lazarus Group Linked to New Cryptocurrency Hacking Scheme

The Lazarus Group, a North Korean hacking organization that was linked to criminal activity, is now revealed to have been linked to a plan to breach systems and steal cryptocurrency from third parties, as well as a pre-existing malware called Applejeus. One accesses the crypto site using the modified version and uses other documents to gain access to the system. Where we find that with the help of recording in excel sheet the data and personal details of the users are stolen and they are induced to invest.

Biggest Movers: LTC Climbs to Highest Level Since May

Litecoin hit a 7-month high at the start of the week as the crypto market continues to trade on US parole data, rising for a second session in a row and hitting its highest point since May. were the beneficiaries.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Hit a 3-Week High on Monday

Bitcoin was trading above $17,000 on Monday as the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency broke its 3-month weekly drought and hit a high where the price rallied for a second day in a row and now consolidates on momentum. And to start the week Ethereum was also in the green and was near the $1300 mark.



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