A licensed form has finalised its first deal with digital financial assets denominated in foreign fiat, with transactions valued at 58 million Chinese yuan (about 516 million rubles or $8.26 million) secured through the commercial system. Issue of K DFA was included.

It was concluded on a platform developed by Lighthouse, which was granted permission to manage digital financial services by the Bank of Russia as one of the information system operators and the largest bank Sber, and tokenization service Atomyze also registered as such. was given.
Where the Russian authorities are working for a wider scope for all other assets including crypto currency where or due to be applied to digital financial assets in 2021 and coins having issuer this token it controls all.

Officials in Moscow seek to make crypto payments a legal payment system in cross-border settlements, which could include expanding the use of national currencies of partners such as China, largely due to bypassing sanctions by Western countries over the war in Ukraine. While the latest news from Russia, Lighthouse reported that the first FA operation involving foreign exchange has also become the largest placement for this financial asset in the country’s markets and the duration of the issued tokens is 29. days and the rate of interest is 4% where as the company elaborates that highlighting the benefits of DFA on short term basis in ruble we come to know that 9 to 10% annual rate of interest is generated and it is also noted This means that DFA currency fluctuations can be taken as a hedge against the issuer and can reduce losses and avoid losses.

Denis Iordanidi, General Director of Lighthouse, believes that the new financial instrument will provide a short-term investment opportunity without having to compete with all the bond markets offering long-term investments, and according to a survey conducted in November, 37 percent of Russian companies are issuers. As given, your DFA’s are ready to enter the market. The Russian company’s investment with China certainly strengthens the position of digital currencies in the financial market and allows them to trade according to their own requirements under the DFA trading system and at the same time with the overall situation in China. By running about 8, we can know that this delete is a big deal so far which has been done under digital law and gives a new energy to crypto.


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