Brazilian companies break crypto buying records again in October and we can say that this transaction has been done by a maximum number of companies which is the highest in October and it shows that the process of buying crypto currency through this transaction is going on.

While more and more companies in this digital age are investing in the crypto industry as part of their corpus and growing in this industry, according to the last report released by the Brazilian tax authority, the number of taxpayers who want to receive crypto details is Nearly 42,000 companies that are empowered by law to buy crypto currency during October.
While these 41,817 companies buying cryptocurrencies broke all previous records set in September and 40,000 institutions also broke previous records, but the number of individuals buying crypto assets during this period fell by about one and a half million citizens. reached 1.265.818 who bought crypto currency in September. Now we can understand that this record shows us that the institution is taking advantage of the low prices in the market as a part of its treasury and its storage. The numbers are as of October, given that the overall situation is not yet clear on Brazilian customer confidence in the crypto currency market and the recent collapse of one of the largest crypto exchanges, FTX.
We know that as on other occasions the report shows and includes data on the number of transactions and the amount exchanged using each token where following the trend of the prior month, Tether’s USDT, USDT The stablecoin associated with USDT and a token used to donate the maximum amount of money in Brazil in October saw approximately $1.8 billion transacted using USDT in approximately 119,366 operations where this popularity has led to further increases in efficiency. There are exchanges that offer to link USDT traditionally and financially. On October 22, the company, a cryptocurrency service provider, integrated its services with a Brazilian ATM provider and aims to allow users to convert currency at more than 24,000 ATMs through its services. Actually offering to link USD financially and allowing ATM services to work analogously to the transfer of currencies.
However, Bitcoin (BTC) still recorded the highest number of maximum transactions with 1.34 million in which more than $190.2 million was transferred while BRZ, a native real and stablecoin, had the second highest number of transactions with 693,086. Large volumes were recorded and as per reports we can say that these operations were mainly done at 6:00 PM and it is not clear whether this volume will be absorbed by other market movements or not. USDC, and ETH, all organize the top five currencies by most volume.
The organisation has recorded that almost the maximum number of people have registered their names by buying cryptocurrencies during the month of October which is the biggest ever and a new record that we can enter in the new record


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