In an interview on Thursday by Jim Cramer, host of CNBC’s Mad Money Show, crypto exchange FTX and its former CEO were called an idiot for testifying that they never tried to defraud anyone. Because they consider us as fools and we also become fools because their intention that they did not want to cheat anyone is completely wrong and baseless and they themselves deny this and reject this statement of former CEO. do and say that the intention does not mean anything nor does saying sorry solve or settle a problem that’s why they adopt sorry as if you had no record So it is against the law and coming in front of the media to prove oneself innocent and to consider oneself as an innocent person is totally wrong and is not good for the crypto industry in any sense nor can it be accepted. Kramer says you are healthy and you didn’t keep any records because of your lethargic activities which is an illegal reason because of your ignorance and flowers all this happened which shouldn’t have happened. They say it’s okay if you own up to your mistake and it’s okay if you admit it’s not your fault but it doesn’t matter whether your intention was right or wrong and American The lawyer doesn’t care about the intelligence of the intent but the US lawyer cares about whether you actually broke and violated a law and did all the things a criminal does and they got their punishment Get. He further adds that being a good boy is obviously fun and there is no doubt about it but that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you set your mind to. Sharing a host he says that some time ago he knew good people who spent a very long time in jail and who went to jail because of very big deeds. Later referring to the former CEO he writes that She hires a liar and a swindler who is adept at playing tricks. There further writes that he entered into mixed accounts and it doesn’t matter if we feel bad while a liar or the most honest person in America but the fact is that he broke the law and if you make money and If you benefit from article activities then you should be ready to go to jail for that which is right either way.
Of course, in disparaging and criticizing the former FTX CEO here, Cramer says that plagiarists never care about the consequences, they do what they have to do and you don’t need to say anything because they Complete nonsense from his words and to say that he is not a journalist when it comes to the man with the conclusion. She remains a liar and cheater who took people’s money and used it for her own benefit and definitely now they are known as adulterated persons. Where allegations and counter-allegations are being rained on him after leaving the post of CEO of SBF and some people are with him and some people are also against him and this statement is very important in very critical circumstances where criticism against him is of.
The host of the Mad Money show, without naming names, calls out the overrated CEO, saying only that he is a thief and a worthless person who has harmed many people for his own benefit and brought the industry to the brink of closure. .


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