In the first week of December 2022, there was a report in the bitcoin news case and how Ian Freeman, co-host of the radio broadcast Free Talk Live, was preparing for trial and was the only defendant left to face trial. Krypto had been big on the Six’s case and decided to take these issues to trial, of course putting all of their cases before a jury.
Where the charges against Freeman originally began on March 16, 2021 when US federal agents raided the Shire Free Church, Bitcoin Embassy and Free Talk Live studios and according to the US Department of Justice Zia said participants Freeman’s trial officially began on December 6, 2022, for knowingly violating money-laundering laws and operating a crypto exchange business. 16 days later, Freeman pleaded guilty to all counts of unlicensed money transfer and money laundering and tax evasion when Freeman pleaded guilty via a Facebook expose by Free Talk Live co-host Mark Edge. Adi was doing what was said according to his age.
The verdict of the trial was disclosed by the local news system and of course Rick Green of Sentinel writes that a federal jury indicted Keene resident Ian Freeman on Thursday as definitively making statements related to cryptocurrency and In corroboration of those statements, it was stated that Freeman was found guilty of transferring money and operating a business without a licence, and of income tax evasion, which according to him is the highest punishment and that for his actions it is were required.

When we mention in the report it is known that he was not detained and has been taken on remand to appear in court on 14th April 2030 but there is little evidence in this.
Certain members of the Crypto Six case pleaded guilty to one charge of wire fraud last April while they are due to appear in court for sentencing in April and in the meantime the Free Talk Live co-hosts can appeal the verdict. that would exist as a safeguard forĀ hisĀ interests.


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