In a series of tweets on Wednesday, Twitter announced that it is now providing price four for cryptocurrencies along with major stocks and exchange traded funds. You can mainly start and sell cryptocurrencies with a $ in front of the symbol. tweets like bitcoin and on twitter people also see a link to click that takes you to the result for the specific search tweet from the same modern and official twitter business account.
Starting today of course, these search results will also include graphs of prominently quoted symbols.
Twitter, known as a tweeting giant in social media, says that you can search for the symbol directly without clicking on a link in a tweet, and of course most of the tweets with and without the $ sign. Symbols will serve as search (QQQ or $QQQ) and come Twitter continues to say that in the coming weeks it will work to further improve the user experience and of course expand its symbols as coverage Will do

The price charts on Twitter that are being provided by the platform Robinhood for traditional investors are basically all included as a link to the platform. Certainly the main objective of Twitter is to improve its user experience and develop it as a good platform where the user can use the services according to his own and its main objective is to mainly use symbols like crypto and bitcoin. Is. Certainly all users on Twitter welcome the new features but it is said by some that Robinhood is not available in their countries and would prefer Twitter to use other price data service providers. Of course the only cryptocurrencies that display price charts are bitcoin and ethereum. Even TopCoin hasn’t added price charts and has repeatedly stated that it will continue to support Dogecoin for purchases.
Where Elon Musk is still finding new revenue streams for his social media company despite being pulled out by many advertisers, where of course Apple refused to give his ads and Musk faced many problems in this campaign. Has faced where he even has to plead for his Twitter and social media accounts. Elon Musk is a very sensitive person for Twitter and he expresses as improvements on these products that this will be a significant improvement for Twitter and for its technology and a new beginning for my ideal coin like bitcoin Which will be done through Twitter and of course Elon Musk wants someone like him to handle and guide Twitter which he is looking for and that is why he is looking for it. Surely his search will end because he has full faith in this and for this he ran a Twitter campaign under which he was approved to resign as Chief Executive by 57% of the votes but according to the users he has been banned from Twitter. Must remain what was necessary for its rise.


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