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Biggest movers: SHIB slips to 20-day low, DOGE also falls

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Shiba Inu (SHIB) was down on Monday, as meme coin went down to its lowest point in the last 20 days and of course after hitting a high of $0.000009282, Shiba was down almost 5% today, and in the process lost a low of $0.000008794. At the lower level, it has reached or made an edge. Here one can say that this bottom point is the lowest point since November 22 when the coin is at a pivot point of $0.00000817 and according to the charts the move came when the Shiba Inu broke a floor at the $0.00000885 mark And the 14-day Relative Strength Index (RSI) also turned down and in the process recorded a drop below 43.70 level but we can say whether this bearishness should continue in this manner and SHIB sellers will hit the low seen on Nov 22. again making a fresh attempt to retake the level where we can see that it is really trying and trying to get good returns to the investors and if we talk about Dogecoin then the week It also remained in the red initially as it declined for the fourth day in a row, falling to a one-day low of $0.08729 on Monday, touching the $0.09682 wheat level in a 24-hour low, and then This decline has been recorded and as a result of this decline, a 10% decline has been registered and since 25th November it has been almost at its highest level. The lowest level has been reached where looking at the charts we can see that the bearish momentum has recently intensified after breaking below the floor of 48.00 on the RSI. where the 10 day red average is also moving towards its country and of course we can see that this is a bearish reversal sign and if this crossover happens completely then we will know and
There is a possibility that DOGE will go further down with a possible destination of the $0.080 floor. Based on the decline of Dogecoin and Shiba inu, what can we know that this decline has really increased the most and through this we can know that investors have suffered huge losses and it can be expected that this decline will come at any time. will rise above and as a result investors will try to get good returns and of course the process of moving from red mark to blue mark is much better and both crypto exchanges want to follow it well and market conditions Looking at this, we can say that it will definitely happen and it’s sure.



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