Crypto exchange Coin Bybit will block all services that are currently available to users who have not yet been able to transmit and complete its verification. We can definitely say that by shutting down these types of services for the users, it wants to know how much more time the verification will take or it will simply act like an ultimatum for the users. The crypto trading platform has a global reach as well as one of the largest markets making the announcement on Thursday amid heightened KYC requirements and later setting a timeline for the implementation of the same to reach the launch pad and launch the products. Verification will now be required to use and pass individual KYC to receive crypto through fiat deposits, peer-to-peer (P2P) trading and one-click buy options starting December 15, 2022 Identification will be mandatory from the same date for customers who want to claim their rewards in the platform’s rewards and no KYC norms will be validated on operation of NFT. Whereas from 15th December, for purchase and sale of NFTs above $10000 per transaction in the secondary market place, from 30th December, stricter rules for deposits and withdrawals will be made and strictly introduced in the marketplace.
Here the Exchange noted that in the near future the KYC requirements would be further elaborated and further updated in case of users, which would require a comprehensive manual to communicate and comply with the official announcements, so that the users Identification of the person can be ensured and it is definitely a normal process in which everyone has to ensure their participation and cooperate in it.
Bybit will also change the withdrawal limit for all its KYC rules on December 20 and for customers who do not have a KYC verification process, the daily limit will be equal to 20000 Tether (USDT) and the monthly limit will also be 100,000 USDT.

Here the exchange commented that efforts to improve the security and compliance of this new rule are ongoing and are being introduced as FTX, currently one of the largest players in the world, is fighting this time and conditions are favourable. There is no and the entire sector is feeling the fear of rules and regulations. The Singapore-based crypto trading platform implemented retrenchment procedures earlier this month amid a bear market here, and Byte will reportedly block Russian users if licensed exchanges must comply with the sanctions, despite the honey state’s monetary authority. Wasn’t planning to ban.
It can be said that the new rules and new laws and the requirement of KYC are very important for the users which will ensure their authenticity as well as what kind of service is to be offered to them and of course this new The KYC process will also be very effective in identifying the wrong people and we can say that through the KYC process the company will be greatly benefited where it will be able to access the details of the users along with the transactions and the users can easily By completing your KYC process, you will be able to do all the work that is necessary for them, and through the KYC process, this work will become very easy, which we can say that it will not be possible for the company to extract any kind of data. There will be no need to work very hard for this and simply this process will go on continuously.


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