Bitcoin (BTC) started the week in the red as traders prepared for a big week of economic announcements from the United States where it declined from 7.7% in the prior month to 7.3% according to data released on Tuesday. expected to stay. where we can say that bitcoin and usd during sunday session
The day’s low of $16,899.39 was seen a day after reaching a high of $17,245.64 and looking at the charts we can say that today’s downtrend has seen bitcoin rise for the fourth day in a row. It moved lower and in the process reached a low of $16700. Where as the 14 day relative strength index which is currently showing at 47.42 is still close to its resistance at 46.00 and as per tomorrow’s inflation data we may see bitcoin going above $16700. And potentially this could lead to Ethereum moving even lower on Monday, down for a second session in a row, and after hitting a high of $1,281.78 on Sunday, ETH/USD hit a low of $1,243.48 earlier in the day. Gaya where it fell to the lowest point since Nov 8 and is now nearing the floor of $1230. Certainly looking at the charts we can say that Ethereum is back in the recent bearish pattern where it was tracking the index at 48.60 as of the time of writing, and now seems to be moving towards a bottom of 45.30. If we say so, we can say that despite this downtrend and this inclination, the 10-day red average is still above the 25-day blue average and definitely we can say that the profit potential for investors is still expressed. It happens and it goes towards profit, but it would be appropriate to say here that we have to invest in it after thinking.


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