Biggest Movers: SOL rebounds, TRX up for fifth straight season

Solana (SOL) token managed to gain up to five percent on Tuesday as its price climbed above the recent support points’ was Earlier in today’s session the coin reached a high of $21.70 which we see after 1 day of trading at a low of $19.87 and today’s move after its unsuccessful attempt to start the week Has re-entered from the $20.00 price low. To a large extent, it has seen a bearish sentiment and the token has not seen an extension and we see it after the downside crossover of the 10-day (red) and 25-day (blue) moving averages and accordingly Also we can say that despite the selloff and severe bearishness in the market, the bulls have gone ahead to hold it as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) has maintained a minimum level at 42.00. At the time of writing this index is definitely tracking 47.46, with 50.00 the next visible point of resistance.
Tron (TRX) traded higher for the fifth session on Tuesday, breaking out of recent territory in the process. After starting the week with a low of $0.06414, TRX/USD rose to a high of $0.06638 in the very first session of the day. As a result of this excellent rally on Tuesday, we see the coin going to its highest level since Thursday, which comes after the price broke through the ceiling of $0.06565. Looking at the charts, we can say that, in the recent week, the overall sentiment in TRX is largely bullish and the moving averages in it are trending upwards. It may be tested in the days to come with the Relative Strength Index, which is currently tracking at 61.53, moving closer to the 63.00 range. As we approach this point the previous bulls may be searching for safe profits and this in turn may give way to sellers to re-enter the market.


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