NFT Marketplace Blur Launches Native Token, BLUR Price Plunges 85% Within Hours

On Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, also known as Valentine’s Day, Blur, an NFT marketplace, announced the launch of its token and airdrop. Sure where the marketplace offered users a package in which they had made multiple trades in other competing markets and listed NFTs on the Blur marketplace, participated in the Blur market bidding, and worked through the allocation cycle. If we talk further, it was clearly said that on the first day of the market, it is definitely a blur day. “Care Packages can be opened on February 14th at 12PM EST, 1AM HKG, 6PM CET and it is requested to announce the launch tomorrow from our official account and double check the URL before claiming”. BLUR has started the trading process and Kucoin is the most active exchange if we look at Tuesday, and the most active trading pair is BLUR/USDT. Also if we look at the data as of 2:05 PM (ET), BLUR had a market capitalization of approximately 176 million with a global trading volume of approximately $12 million. At 2:10 p.m. ET, BLUR dropped to $0.458 per coin and there are 360,000,000 BLUR tokens in circulation according to data. Tuesday at 2:10 p.m. ( ET), there were 8,798 unique addresses containing BLUR tokens, of which around 18,900 were transferred and the marketplace has recently mastered as the top NFT market and touched the position where it shares with the largest NFT market, Opensea. was competing.
While another competing NFT market called Luxrare has also attracted attention with an air drop of its market token named LOOKS but the volume has waned since then. By 2:33 PM on Tuesday, BLUR had rebounded and reached the $0.602 per unit range.



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