Binance to Support Georgia’s Crypto Industry Through Blockchain Education

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance wants to make it known through its upcoming announcement that it is signing an agreement with the Agency for Innovation and Technology and along with that it made an important announcement. Announcement According to the agreement, both parties promise to provide significant cooperation in the implementation of educational and community initiatives in the field of blockchain and further the development of the country’s crypto industry, and intend that in the coming years, it will definitely develop blockchain and Will take forward the use of cryptocurrency and assist in its development.
The agreement was reached in November at a meeting with the trading platform’s CEO Changpeng Zhao and Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili during which the investment was also discussed, and a press release detailed that the collaboration will be supported by both Binance Academy and Binance Charity. Will cover local events and hackathons organized by BnB Chain in conjunction with Hei’s projects. If we talk about it, Vladimir Smerkis, Regional Director of Binance, says that they aim to serve as a goal of innovation and technology, and for this, they are in line with the Georgia agency, and while working together, they will definitely be based in Georgia. Can create an effective system that influences innovation and technology and makes it possible to develop them. Apart from this, he says that we definitely prove to be true in the sense that we will continue to work in a significant way for the adoption and development of technology and at the same time we will continue to see that technology will go ahead and help us in achieving all kinds of goals. He has long admired technology and the cryptocurrency market in particular and would like to see an interest in crypto education in Georgia, adding that the region is where most innovation is concentrated.
Avtandil Kasradze, President of GITA, elaborates that the blockchain-related workshop to be held in the Technology Park in Georgia points to the creation of new startup ideas as well as commercialization and the best plans to open and operate in them. We encourage and at the same time invest in those schemes that will provide us significant convenience and help us to run implementation oriented projects with new schemes. Certainly he says it is a crypto friendly innovation that we appreciate and we are looking to legalize the industry to update its digital asset regulations. In January, the exchange announced that it had signed an agreement with the country’s University of Business and Technology to provide blockchain and related education to its students. Binance Academy will provide educational content on blockchain, Web3, NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Other countries in Eastern Europe have engaged in similar initiatives in the post-Soviet space and in the Caucasus region, considering and focusing on expanding their presence in the region and in December the global crypto firm launched a blockchain program at a university in Kazakhstan and offered its help to Azerbaijan in its efforts to open up crypto adoption and regulations.


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