Home News Interpol Is Figuring Out How To Police The Metaverse.

Interpol Is Figuring Out How To Police The Metaverse.

Interpol Is Figuring Out How To Police The Metaverse

Police organizations in the Metaverse certainly face difficulties in enforcing the law and adopting certain policies, and we can certainly say that these difficulties are of a high order. However, J├╝rgen Stock, Secretary-General of the International Criminal Police Organization INTERPOL, believes that the organization must be ready and always present to act on crimes committed in the prattle world. The organization is currently preparing to bring its operations to the Metaverse platform, which is already being used by some groups for crime. Speaking of which, during an interview with the BBC, the Secretary General has said that criminals are certainly sophisticated and professional and capable of adapting very quickly to any technological tools that are available to commit crimes. We should give an adequate answer to this and sometimes the legislators, the police and our society are a little behind.
These crimes currently taking place in the new technology include verbal harassment, assault and ransomware, counterfeiting, money laundering and financial fraud, among others. While some of these are still in the grey area of the law. According to Dr. Madan Oberoi, Interpol’s executive director of technology and intelligence, the biggest problem the organization is facing right now is that we have to determine whether any action is a crime on the metaverse or not. Admitting that there are still difficulties in this regard, he clearly said that if you look at the definition of these crimes in many places and you try to apply it, then there is certainly a difficulty and we don’t know whether we can criminalize them or not but definitely there are threats as well and that’s why these issues are yet to be resolved or the issues are yet to be resolved.
What is certain for Madan Oberoi is that of course in order to police the metaverse, Interpol has a strong need to be contacted and present on the platform and that is why the organization is there in the first place and was inaugurated and This was done during its 90th General Body meeting in New Delhi in October.
Interpol’s Metaverse platform serves other purposes as well, most notably its ability to provide online courses to members of the force in other countries, allowing them to directly practice the capabilities they have acquired in the new technology , She goes.



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