Arch Invest Expects Bitcoin to Become a Multi Trillion-Dollar Market – Predicts BTC Price Could Reach $1.48 Million

Investment management firm Arc Invest says that bitcoin “has the potential to make India a multi-trillion dollar market.” Three bitcoin price predictions by the firm in its latest report are one case for bulls. Could rise up to $1.48 million per coin. CEO Cathy Wood apparently sees bitcoin as “insurance for all against the seizure of wealth”. Further in this thread, the analyst wrote that according to him, the long-term opportunity of bitcoin is getting stronger and despite the turbulence, bitcoin definitely does not give up. Its network fundamentals are very strong and its holder base is long term.

Bulgarian Businessman Loses Half a Million Dollars in Call Center Crypto Fraud

A major hoax has come to light in CryptoCenter and we can say that yet another latest scam has tarnished the image of the industry. As is the case here, an investor from Bulgaria has definitely lost a large sum of money falling prey to scammers. The fraudsters convinced him that he could cash in cryptocurrencies and expect the best. The scam operates through a call center that is sophisticated and makes promises of quick profits on the stock and cryptocurrency markets and various schemes to extort money from victims. We can definitely say that hoaxes are now commonplace in the cryptocurrency industry while investigative agencies are trying to get to the bottom of it.

Brazilian Fintech Company Capital Partners With Azimut To Offer Crypto Services To European Markets

Fintech company Capital, a Brazil-based company that provides cryptocurrency arbitrage services, has partnered with Azimut, an asset management firm, to expand its services in Europe. The proposed deal, which amounts to an investment of €15 million (approximately $16.2 million), will allow Capital to operate in Mexico, where it can conduct its operations with critical information. Capital’s executive director, Guilherme Nunes, says it wants to use the products it has in Brazil in other countries, as well as ensuring its partnership service operates in other jurisdictions. Their idea is to become a hub of blockchain technology. O’Globo was told he is convinced that blockchain technology is redefining the boundaries of the financial services industry as it is known.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC at 1-week low, bullish sentiment fades on Monday

Bitcoin took a fall from its 7-day low to start off as the bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency markets recently started to wane or the bullish sentiment started to wane. If we look at the data, we can see that some questions have been raised on the Federal Reserve Bank’s outlook by Friday’s stronger-than-expected US non-farm payrolls report that said inflation has peaked. Ethereum was also at the center of Monday’s decline and remained above $1600.


Biggest Movers: SHIB Remains Close to Recent Highs as Crypto Markets Lower on Monday

The Shiba Inu has been more stable to start the week, as there was talk of a selloff in the market on Monday as prices reached recent highs. In today’s session we can see that the cryptocurrency was mostly lower as the market continued to react to the historically low US unemployment data. Avalanche is seen in today’s session where it was down and we can say that it appeared close to 1 week bottom level.


Over 7,000 ordinal inscriptions have already been included on the bitcoin blockchain

Ordinal inscription, as we can see in the form of a special kind of indigenous NFT, is picking up steam among some bitcoiners even though the issuance process is not user-friendly. We can say that a protocol that was unveiled in January and, as it was shown in January, has already begun the work of bringing more than seven thousand inscriptions from some of the existing collections directly into the bitcoin chain. .

Ethereum Plans ‘Shapela’ Transition on Zhejiang Testnet – Dev Insists ‘Withdrawals Are Coming’

According to Tim Beiko of the Ethereum Foundation, if reports are to be believed, Ethereum core developers plan to activate the transition to “Shapela” via the Zhejiang public testnet on February 7th, and if it succeeds, Tim Sepolia of the Foundation says. Testnet follows it after 2 days and then Goerli testnet. Let’s load that the test net has a null, block explorer and staking launchpad support and it requests the validator to get 33 ether and be ready for Shapela Tuesday. Assuming that “the Zhejiang fork is going well, of course they will be ready for a public test, and in some order.” He is further said to have quickly agreed that Sepolia should be first, as validators set up with Goerli It’s small.

Former bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen revises 2016 blog post, calls trust in Craig Wright a ‘mistake’

In the span of the first week of February 2023 we can understand that the United Kingdom Court of Appeal has overturned the decision of the High Court in the case of Craig Wright’s Tulip Trading Limited (TTL) v. 16 Cryptocurrency Developers from March 2022 and the case will be heard further Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, said that he was happy with the judges’ decision to overturn the dismissal of his team. Meanwhile former Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen revised his 2016 blog post to say that it was “a mistake to trust Craig Wright as much as he did.”

Binance Stops US Dollar Deposits And Withdrawals Through Bank Accounts

Global crypto exchange Binance is restricting and eliminating both deposits and withdrawals in US dollars through accounts starting on Wednesday as more and more banking institutions attempt to hedge their exposure to the cryptocurrency market. The crypto exchange states that they are working hard to resume their service as soon as possible. Without specifying a reason, CNBC is told the crypto exchange is temporarily suspending bank transfers effective February 8 and affected customers are being notified…. That they are working hard to resume the service at the earliest.



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