Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH US GDP integrated, consumer spirit data

Bitcoin (BTC) was integrated for the third day as traders continued to gain profit from Saturday and the prices reached a 5 -month high. If we see its position again, we get to get that despite consolidation, BTC /USD had reached and made above $ 23000 for today’s session while in this process it reached a high level of $ 23,134.01. It comes after in less than 24 hours of trading at a low of $ 22,654.30 which appears near a short -term support of $ 22500 and looking at the chart we can say that Bitcoin is currently traded at $ 22,913.54 While it is close to the range of 86.00 on the boundary of the 14 -day relative strength index. At the time of writing, this index is monitoring the level of 85.09 and is another possible destination for traders at 80.00. The 10 -day (red) moving average has also started showing signs, there may be a sudden change in speed and expect a sudden change.
The speed in the Ethereum has slowed down in today’s power and its price has reached a low of $ 1600. After a high level of $ 1,658.02 to start the week, Eth / USD fell to a low of $ 1,609.16 in the first day. It seems that the world’s second largest crypto currency has already shifted and many dojis (Candlestick Reversal signs) are visible on the chart and as we can see in the chart that the relative strength index is currently At 74.00 is hovering slightly above one floor, which is the current reading of 74.07. Certainly a break out should be out and the recession pressure is expected to increase and potentially go below $ 1,600.


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