Bitcoin (BTC) rose to its 1-month high on Tuesday as the market began counting again on falling consumer prices in the United States and after hitting a low of $16,966.59 to start the week. Bitcoin hit its intraday peak of $17,457.30 ahead of today’s session and the move saw the world’s largest cryptocurrency at its highest level since November 11 and in a strong position as prices hit an all-time high of $17,645 at the same spot. Was on the level. As we see today’s uptick is expressed due to the 14-day Relative Strength Index pushing its limits and this index earlier in the day broke above the resistance level of 52.00 and clocked at 55.00 as of writing goes up and we don’t see much stupor on Wednesday despite this afternoon’s report where we see that traders prepare for the upcoming US Federal Reserve policy and decision and Ethereum also climbed higher in today’s session as the market again The momentum took the process forward and brought the price closer to $1300. Here we see that Ethereum reached a high of $1,294.10 in today’s session just 1 day after trading a low of $1,248.36 and as a result today, ETH /USD is at the recent resistance level of $1,300. Reached as the price is about 4% higher from its peak on Monday and like bitcoin all the bullish rates are seen in Ethereum which is definitely visible after the break of 53.00 level and the index is currently trending at 53.75. and now definitely moving towards higher range of 55.00 and we can say that will come back to $1300 level then it is an important question for traders how to execute their investment and How he will be known as a successful investor.


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