The recently launched insurance through the Suzhou branch of China Pacific Insurance, along with the Bank of Communications’ branch in the same city, has become the first central bank digital currency product insurance in an Asian country, according to a report. Continuous and intensive promotion through digital renminbi is established as the foundation and to enhance the use case of digital youth and provide help to them. Report published that this new insurance The product provides you with a complete guarantee of the security of a personalized digital currency wallet, and in addition, Suzhou, a major city in China’s Jiangsu province, is reportedly one of the cities selected to participate in the digital renminbi pilot. has created more than 30 million digital currency or e-CMY wallet till date and we can say that it promotes the importance of buying and making available a suitable insurance product for the users and explains that What type of insurance product is this? The report says that if personal funds are stolen or wallet passwords and key information are compromised during the guarantee period, of course the affected wallet user will be able to make a claim and Also, more than five hundred people, including students of Soochow University Business School and employees of government agencies, have reportedly signed up following the launch of the insurance products, as well as the Suzhou branch of China Pacific Insurance from 2020 to government banks and bank end Seeking to expand its use of its digital currency to enhance its collaboration with stakeholders such as customers, it has reportedly been tasked with collecting insurance premiums and paying compensation to holders and issuing salary benefits to employees Is. Where definitely we can say that these type of services are very necessary to issue digital currency and work on it and also we can know that the government of China is very strict in issuing such services. wants to develop its best technology through medium and also wants to connect its users with a new bridge and research through best features. This Digital Currency Insurance Token will definitely enhance the usage of Digital Currency and Currency to insure the customers and to enhance its support and also to use the new Digital Currency e-wallets that have been set up. Will develop new capability for it which definitely provides convenience to the users.


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