All valuables and houses were sold for bitcoin by Netherlands native Didi Taihuttu and her family and the judgement was paid and the Taihuttu family has travelled around the world and recently moved to Phuket Island.
On November 30, Didi Taihutu, 44, reported that after years of storing crypto tokens inside cold storage, centralised exchange (CEX) platforms, and decentralised exchange (DEX) protocols, the Dutch family decided to actively transfer $1 million. does. As the digital assets of the DEX protocol to keep control through self-custody.
Taihutu elaborated that before actively moving direct funds from the CEX platform to the DEX protocol, the family stored funds on platforms such as Bybit and Kraken and that “if you never send your bitcoin to any exchange “Your bitcoin stays in your own wallet, which means you have all the power and authority but when connecting to a dex, and trading from your wallet by making the connection and if the dex collapses, It doesn’t matter, because the bitcoins are always close to you in your wallet.
Taihuttu explained that he lost four bitcoins in 2017 when the CEX platform Cryptopia was hacked and “from that moment he was looking for an alternative. According to him,” as far as FTX is concerned , Too much money was put into the promotion.” The family would not disclose how much crypto assets it owns but said it carried around $1 million worth of BTC, ETH, LTC, DOT, and other tokens on decentralised exchanges. Will go
He has a big gripe looking at the current situation which, we have FTX, we have Celsius and the market signals so he thinks bitcoin is actually at $16,800. Taihutu concluded during Wednesday’s interview that bitcoin is perfect in every sense and it works in every sense.


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