Rome’s authorities expand rules for digital assets and taxation and prepare to make them extremely tight. Where change is likely to come is with Italy’s 2023 budget which is all expected and likely to target crypto trade and profit.
Bloomberg reported that the budget proposed by the government led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni includes a provision and extends a 26 percent levy on crypto assets at a higher capital gains rate of 2,000 euros, a cap of about $2080.
A coalition that was in power and was elected at the end of September also provided taxpayers with the option of declaring their digital assets till January 1, 2023, and taxing them at a rate of 14 per cent. The goal is to encourage and target taxpayers to disclose their holdings in their returns. If we talk about the present then in Italy with all the tax rules digital currency and tokens known as currencies are under low taxation and with the law which has just been amended and introduced by the parliament Introduces all liabilities that are levied or increase duty on stamp duty. Around 1.3 million Italians (2.3% of the country’s population) own crypto assets, the report said citing Triple A data. Is. This compared to 5% in the United Kingdom and 3.3% in neighboring France.
Meloni, the working branch of power in Rome, is the head and far-right leader of the Italian Party and Italy’s first woman, who previously led a campaign to reduce taxes. Its government’s tough stance on crypto is now in line with that of Portugal, one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the European Union, which has announced its intention to tax short-term crypto profits by 28 percent next year and crackdown on crypto exchanges such as FTX. It is also counted as a tightening of global rules after collapse¬†and¬†bankruptcy


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