The Crypto Thought Leadership Blog published a post by Visa’s Andrew Beames, Catherine Gu, Srini Raghuraman, Mohsen Minai and Ranjit Kumaresan on December 19, 2022, with the subject line “Auto Payment Service for Self-Custodial Wallets” . We certainly look at the Auto Payments for Wallets which shows us that the Visa Self Custodial Wallet solution makes it possible to leverage Ethereum to enable Auto Payments and this concept utilises digital instruments of account This is a feature that Ethereum developers currently debate over.

Certainly the Visa blog post shows that the account is an abstract proposition trying to combine users’ smart contracts to work in just one Ethereum type. Also of course one can see auto payments as a key functionality which is completely lacking in the existing blockchain method infrastructure. Certainly on this topic the Visa Block post originally published a proposal for 2022 to be shown through Visa filing trademark applications by the end of October 2022 and trademarking a vast range of products other than wallets it covers.

We can see that Visa, being the world’s largest state network, said that the firm wanted to create and operate money and payment programming, which included Visa and the largest payment processing corporations around the world. And Visa’s competitor Mastercard has also made efforts to make the cryptocurrency solution even better, with Mastercard itself tweeting in November 2022 that they are also working to make access to digital assets easier. And of course we look forward to welcoming wv3 technology to the public to build a community with creators and to showcase the possibilities of the future and to empower startups While Visa’s statement is similar to these ideas were wallet solution evolves from myriad concepts of auto payment and accordingly a new solution has been shared which provides automatic payment capability as well as a custodial wallet of automatic capability and Will definitely leverage the concept of Accounts. With this, Visa’s blog post concludes and states that in its view, the recurring payments offered by it are fully capable of bringing real-world applications and blockchain methodology. . Certainly this proposal has been brought by Visa to improve the efficiency of Ethereum and blockchain and to increase the carrying capacity which is definitely a payment firm. If we talk about Visa, then it is a debit card used in international payment, which is issued maximum for deposit accounts and its purpose is to provide fast services, so through this it is also in blockchain method after that. Wants to offer best services but for its competition Mastercard is also glad to join this commitment which also calls itself a better payment system and service. Certainly, this is a significant step proposed by Visa to introduce auto payment service in a better way and to facilitate transactions. This potential will definitely position Ethereum as a successful blockchain methodology and it will help us to score the latest blockchain transaction which shows its most successful embedded use and the latest efforts which it has made. Blockchain is being used to simplify the system.


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