India’s central bank chief expresses concern that the next financial crisis could happen if cryptocurrencies are not banned:

It has been warned by the current governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), Shaktikanta Das, that if crypto currency and bitcoin and ether come into vogue, it can definitely lead to a financial crisis, and also the chief says that India This could pose a risk to the macroeconomic situation and financial stability of the U.S. While there are many risks to our macroeconomic and financial support right now and they would like to continue that this is a speculative exercise and it should be closed. Because it is futile to try to raise it or it is necessary to re-regulate it. They clearly find it necessary to ban crypto by their signals.

US senator introduces bill to regulate payment stable coins

A bill to establish the first regulatory framework for stablecoins has been introduced by a US senator, explaining that the bill displays significant scepticism about the Federal Reserve’s policies regarding stablecoins, and that this activity Will not be in a position to stop. They hope this framework will make it up to their partners to pass legislation to protect unsuspecting client funds next year.

Binance Launches Blockchain Education Program in Kazakhstan

In order to qualify students and get work in the industry, cryptocurrency exchanges are being launched in Kazakhstan’s universities and the government is signing an agreement with it under which blockchain courses will be linked to the country’s higher institutions and of course Since it will accelerate the courses. We can assume that Kazakhstan’s digital technology sector will be particularly focused on allowing students to learn about the features of cryptocurrencies, which will allow for nationwide education and adoption of blockchain technology.

Update to B2B Pay: redesigned website with new pricing, token and merchant models

B2B Pay is a reliable and low cost cryptocurrency payment variant system that definitely proves to be the right fit for organisations looking for a solution – especially a top payment solution B2BinPay to improve their commissions and platform for business and enterprise New and low cost and again with a great UI designed website with a great usability experience. It is definitely expanding its services for businesses and making its platform more accessible.

Paxful to leave Ethereum trading due to increased centralization and consensus mechanism pivot

Paxful, the peer-to-peer crypto exchange based in Nivarak, will reportedly stop trading Ethereum from its platform on December 22. The reason for these decisions was cited through the company’s CEO, Ray Youssef, and stated that the increase in centralization as well as a distance between the consensus mechanism where Ethereum is at risk of major scams in the top coin. appears as.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC, ETH Consolidate Ahead of United States GDP Data

The cryptocurrency price mostly consolidated on Thursday ahead of the upcoming Gross Domestic Product data from the United States and traded near $17000 in today’s session and was down about 0.01% in global market capitalization. Ethereum was largely unchanged, as the price continued to trade above $1,200.

Rate hike needed to ease eurozone inflation despite recession, according to top ECB official

A top executive of the European Central Bank (ECB) has indicated that interest rates will keep rising as the Europe region looks into recession and his statements are in line with the latest rate hike announced by the monetary authority last week. Revisions are set and the revision predicts higher inflation in Europe than previously expected. Published, de Guindos says he does not have good signs and the projections are to expect a mild fall in the last quarter of this year and into the first quarter of 2023, and GDP is expected to contract by 0.1%. .

Biggest Movers: DOGE rebounds on Thursday, LTC near 1-week high

Dogecoin rebounds after Wednesday’s decline, as the Mayhem coin broke a support level and the price seen in recent days hitting a 2-month low brings a ray of optimism to today’s rally. Certainly Litecoin was also higher, as the coin was forming near 1-week highs and at the time of writing, the RSI is showing at 39.67 which appears to be below the line seen at the 45.00 level and the next resistance. This line has been crossed and the bulls are likely to continue targeting this point, allowing LTC to climb above the $70.00 price point.

3 FTX officers captured by SBF, probe now targets Nishad Singh and Ramnik Arora

Officials from the Southern District of New York (SDNY), the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) disclose that they have established charges of fraud against FTX co-founder Gary Wang and have Including the former CEO of Time Almeida. Certainly, after the announcement of the surrender of these two, the public is wondering where Engineering Director Nishad Singh and why has he not come forward yet. Notably, Gary Wang, former CEO of Almora and co-founder of FTX, pleaded guilty yesterday and was charged.

Twitter adds crypto price charts to search results

Social media company and tweeting app Twitter, which is owned by Elon Musk, is providing price charts for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and major cryptocurrencies, while this new feature has been announced by the owner of the social media. One of the upcoming products on Twitter will surely improve the financial products and through this service the CEO and owner of Twitter are eager to connect Twitter with digital payments and with that they want to innovate Twitter. Significantly, Twitter owner Elon Musk also believes in digital crypto currency.

SEC Charges Against FTX, Alameda Execs Wang and Ellison Reveal Key Findings US regulator says FTX is a security.

Members of US law enforcement reported that certain charges against Wang and Ellison have been concluded after an all-encompassing investigation and that FTX’s exchange FTT is considered a security by the US Securities Exchange Commission, as well as by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The same former CEO who is currently in prison used Almeida to grow his empire and keep the assets of FTX customers.

Free Talk Live co-host Ian Freeman pleads guilty in federal crypto trial

Crypto Six has been charged by the US federal government with unlicensed money transfers and the case appears to be coming to an end while Keene resident and libertarian activist, Ian Freeman, has reportedly been prosecuted today. was found guilty, who was found to be involved in a serious incident of money transmission and money laundering without a licence, to undergo 8 years of imprisonment and with this he was not taken into custody on Thursday and elaborated that Will have to appear for sentencing on April 14, 2023 or file an appeal against the verdict.


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