Brazilians Will Be Able To Pay Taxes With Crypto

Cryptocurrencies are making inroads when it comes to usability in Brazil, and Banco do Brazil, one of Brazil’s oldest banks and partially owned by the state government, has opened its platform for Brazilians to use their platform to access the state with cryptocurrencies. Option to pay taxes has been added. According to the report, the bank is using the services of Bitfy, a cryptocurrency payment processor, as a bridge to complete these payments. The company advertises its solution as a first-of-its-kind initiative stating that the adoption of blockchain technology will optimize systems and processes at the public level, which will see greater transparency and credibility in institutions. Lucas Schoch, CEO and Founder of BitFi, says they will drive to simplify access and democratize the digital assets ecosystem throughout Brazil in order to develop the necessary infrastructure to adopt and scale up their performance to the latest economy.
Bitfy, which is looking to add tokenization and payment services to its portfolio, received investment from Banco do Brazil in November and also announced a line-up of cryptocurrencies backed by multiple charities, including bitcoin, Ethereum, decentral and, Chainlink, Algorand, Solana, Ripple, Polkadot, Avalanche, Dash and Binance Coin, where deposits have to be made to an app wallet to be used and this development has been made possible due to an agreement made by government entities that have set up their own in the country. Enabled and expanded recognition and access to payment instruments. The process of paying taxes with this tool involves inputting a payment number or using a barcode to make a payment that will be processed instantly by BitFly, and the BitFly currency will be exchanged for Brazilian currency and transferred across institutions will be done. The door is certainly open for the inclusion of these assets in more financial activities in Brazil, and the recent approval of legislation for the same is a new use for cryptocurrencies. After announcing the launch of prepaid crypto cards in January as part of its expansion in Latam, leading crypto exchange Binance became crypto in the country.
Working to gain share of the payments market.


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