Hackers attack domain registrar Namespace; Flood of DHL and Metamask phishing emails

Namecheap was breached on Sunday and hackers took advantage of the company’s email accounts through the Send Grid service, according to reports and the settlement was confirmed by Richard Kirkendall, CEO of Namecheap, and that the firm had blocked access to our services. have been deprecated or we are not able to use them and to make it clear they said that the problem was within a third party that we use to send letters. None of the accounts of customers or their assets in our own systems have been closed and we have sent a follow-up email to all of our affected users. All domain names linked in the original phishing email were also disabled.
According to users who checked the e-mail sent, the phishing campaign in this link attempted to steal users’ information. For example, the Metamask email that led to a fake website and attempted to trick users into entering their mnemonic recovery phrase tweeted about this phablet and told recipients to ignore the message. Went. As per the company’s tweet, “MetaMask does not deduct KYC information and will never send you an electronic mail asking for your KYC details, even within your account”. Web3 Wallet firm added that do not enter any of your privacy password or information on any website and do not click on any unwanted link! Phishing attacks have become common in recent years and accordingly the hackers who execute them have used different methods and different means to access people’s personal information and of course once someone Any user dials or enters his privacy information in it, then definitely all his information reaches the scammers and they are able to access his account and withdrawal of money is very easy. From
According to Beehive Cybersecurity, immediate action was taken by Namespace’s team members to resolve the issue and Beehive Cybersecurity also tweeted that they “reported the issue to Namespace themselves, so they took immediate action.” presented a case for doing and took it seriously “That’s a game we’d love to see from the registrar.”


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