Bulgarian Businessman Loses Half a Million Dollars in Call Center Crypto Fraud

A new case related to cryptocurrency fraud has been published and a new case has come to light in which a trader in the area has definitely reported himself to be a victim of scamming, according to a report by the Bulgarian national broadcaster, BNT. He has said that he transferred more than 1 million leva (over $550,000) to scammers who suggested that he could surely make good money by investing his wealth in cryptocurrencies and also offered him a number of lucrative offers. Offers were also presented. He was coaxed or consulted by a fake advisor to remit the amount to different banks in Europe till Hong Kong. As you know these games are organized by call centers who extort money from people in the name of significant investment on crypto currency assets and also they are lured that their investment will be 2X3X and of course they will be provided returns. The investor was initially contacted by this call center operated by the fraudster. This communication went on for some time and they were able to convince him that he would return the money he had put in or the investment in crypto assets by providing him many times better returns. What was it then that when the person showed interest in the offer and agreed to invest money in it, he was transferred to an encrypted chats and an online account was set up or linked. Commissioner Vladimir Dimitrov, head of the cybercrime unit at the Interior Ministry’s General Directorate Combating Organized Crime, says the victim’s name and details and mobile number were most likely obtained from the platform he signed up on. The business, whose identity has not been disclosed by investigators, was then offered to deposit a small sum of €250 which also multiplied as virtual assets within a few weeks and later sent Polish, British and one Sent tens of thousands of Euros to a Chinese bank. Authorities say the call center from which the targeted individual originated the case was likely located somewhere in the Middle East. Whereas the organizer of the fraud scheme operated from this country and its identity is yet to be ascertained. The scam has become part of a recent criminal narrative in Europe that involves targeting victims in order to entice them with opportunities to invest in shares of well-known global companies or in cryptocurrencies. Certainly in mid-January, authorities in Bulgaria, Serbia, Cyprus and Germany, working with Europol and Eurojust, busted and shut down a vast network of call centers that were scamming people in a similar fashion. While in September last year Ukrainian police busted a criminal organization defrauding investors in Europe and selling their assets. If we talk then these type of scams are done efficiently because definitely extorting money from people and bringing them to Jhansi easily is a trivial matter for any call network as everyone double their wealth and their investment Wants to do it and in this happiness, even without wanting it, he gets trapped in such investments where he is lured in a very important way. Certainly the police and many organizations have been informing people about this from time to time but the net of fraud has definitely spread a lot and it keeps attracting more and more people and which really very innocent people.


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