The Central Bank of Zimbabwe has said that it is seeking and conducting a survey of consumer opinions on CBDCs to obtain and update public consensus regarding the design and nature of the same. The bank said that every information of the consumers will be kept confidential and taking into account their opinion, changes will be made in the banking system and the central banking currency will be changed accordingly. According to the tweet of the bank, the survey form attached to it will have to be completed on or before December 7, 2022.
The bank said that the survey would begin in the form of a form that would be publicly available to the public. Zimbabwe’s central bank believes that the involvement of other stakeholders helps foster “a comprehensive and transparent public dialogue about the potential benefits and risks of CBDCs.”
Overall, Japan’s central bank wants each of its customers to express their views about the digital currency and give them a chance to do better through a good rating, and in the process they have publicly published the form. It has been opened so that any person can rate as per his requirement and through his acceptance can tell what other expectations he wants from the central bank or what other expectations he wants through which he can further strengthen his experience. and get maximum benefit of Detail Mudra. According to the central bank, such a move is sufficient to articulate the advantages and disadvantages of profit functions and to understand their requirements, which helps in promoting a comprehensive and transparent public discourse. This is indeed a great step taken by the Reserve Bank and Zimbabwe, which is appreciated by all and expects that this work will be done keeping in mind their interests.


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