Judicial officials in Russia and Turkey are joining the fight against cybercrimes aimed at preventing and reducing illicitly used cryptocurrency. This was agreed upon by a Russian Prosecutor General’s visit to the Turkish capital Ankara.
General Igor Krasnov and Turkish Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag signed the latest 2-year program for cooperation between their respective departments and high-ranking officials met in the Turkish capital. According to reports, one of the draft ties that has been signed or agreed between the two countries is the fight against cybercrime, including cases involving criminal use of cryptocurrencies and other virtual assets. Prosecutor Officer Krasnov said that in Russia, a relevant judicial practice has been developed, implementing the law on digital assets, and operating the central bank’s digital ruble platform.
Krasnov also referred to a conference on combating the use of high technology that was presented at the United Nations last year. He stressed that Russia’s proposal is to criminalize a wide range of practices that are used to try to influence such political regimes and the minds of ordinary people.”
Russia has faced mounting sanctions in response to its ongoing invasion of neighboring Ukraine, despite its ability to use crypto assets to circumvent imposed sanctions and significantly limit Moscow’s access to global markets and finance. According to Turkish media reports, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has suggested the development of a new payment system with Russia to serve as an alternative and promised to best present the unbroken partnership between the two countries. Russia’s move really shows that despite the war, its economy and interest in its technology remains strong, which marks it as a powerful nation and reflects its good behavior towards Turkey. We can understand here that this partnership between the two countries will bring a lot of convenience in matters of technology and cyber crime and both the countries will be oriented towards working in the same direction which is a clear example of their effectiveness.


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