Colombian Court Held in the Metaverse

Colombian courts conducted their first judicial hearings through metaverse techniques. Magdalena Court The hearing was approved by Magistrate María Victoria Quinones Triana to represent the participants in the process using Horizon Worlds technology provided by META and its resident avatars and Quiñones said about this technology That
Metaverse constitutes a technological tool that can facilitate access to the administration of justice and its primary objective is to facilitate the use of information technology in the development of judicial proceedings. Responding to these comments, Quinones declared that he understands the constructive criticism that has been made regarding deficiencies in the judicial branch or not, but that he is here in the spirit of support so that the process can move forward. Could


Brazilian government is preparing a new decree to clarify cryptocurrency regulations

The Brazilian government is preparing to issue a decree to fill the void that has been opened following the recent approval of the Cryptocurrency Law and a document prepared by the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Brazil and Will assist in establishing the area of oversight and responsibilities for the national securities regulator.

Nigerian crypto payment gateway Fluid coins acquired by Seychelles-based crypto exchange

Fluid Coins, a Nigerian crypto payments firm, has recently been bought by Blockfinex for an undisclosed amount and in a marriage that was previously described by CEO Lanre Adenovo as an “acquisition deal”. Says it will leverage the acquisition to launch its own platform known as Blockpay and it was driven by the decision to venture into Wallet as a Service and Business and Payment of Crypto and spread it around the world .

Norwegian Authorities Seize $6M Worth of Crypto From the Axie Infinity Heist With the Help of the FBI

Norwegian authorities, in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the US Department of Justice, have seized nearly $6 million that was stolen during last year’s Axie Infinity heist, and Norway’s Okokrim said, “Norwegian police have so far Largest cryptocurrency seizure ever”. Norwegian authorities explain that through cooperation with the US Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Økokrim seized approximately NOK 60 million in cryptocurrency.

Binance Expects to Pay Fine to Settle With US Regulators for Past Conduct: Report

Crypto exchange and leading service provider Binance is expected to pay fines to US authorities to settle regulatory and law enforcement tussles over its past conduct, according to the company’s chief strategy officer and executives who explain what happened when the leading crypto exchange shut down its business. The company was completely ignorant of the rules it had to follow and which it clearly needed to follow in the US economy and US investigative agencies

Coinbase CEO Urges Congress To Pass Clear Crypto Law – Warns US At Risk Of Losing Financial Hub Status

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has called on Congress to pass a clear cryptocurrency law and warned that the US is losing its status as a financial hub. According to a tweet from a Coinbase executive, “Crypto is open to all and well ahead in the world. We don’t know what aspects of BUSD might be of interest to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but we do know this.” that stable coins are not securities. With no clear rules on crypto and hostile behaviour from regulators, the US is at risk of losing its status as a financial centre and Congress will soon have to do something tough to pass legislation it have to take a step or take a chance.


Binance and Huobi Freeze $1.4 Million in Crypto Linked to North Korea

Crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi have frozen nearly $1.4 million in cryptocurrency linked to North Korea, according to blockchain analytics firm Elliptic, and the firm notes that it was stolen until recently in a dormant state. Originated from the June 2022 hack of Harmony’s Horizon Bridge. Elliptical writes that *Crypto exchanges Binance and Huobi today froze accounts containing approximately $1.4 million in crypto assets resulting from the June 2022 hack of Harmony’s Horizon Bridge. Elliptical continues that the stolen
The funds had been lying dormant until recently, when our investigators began tracking them through a complex chain of transactions across exchanges.
Elliptic CEO Simone Maini commented that today, money laundering was detected and stolen funds linked to North Korea were blocked in real time.

Square Enix to use Polygon’s network in Symbiogenesis, its upcoming Web3 experience

Japanese gaming company Square Enix announces that it will be using Polygon, the Ethereum sidechain, as the backbone of its upcoming Web3 experience, Symbiogenesis. While Naoyuki Tamate, the game’s producer, cited higher transaction speeds and lower transaction gas costs as reasons for such a change in the game’s design. Symbiogenesis creator Naoyuki Tamate opts to tap into the overall user-friendliness in order to provide a unique experience to fans, and Goyal explains in the same vein that our aim is simply to show that Web3 is a decisive factor in the world. is gaining more and more traction among the biggest developers and proving again and again that the innovative stack of technologies and the benefits they offer have enormous potential when it comes to gaming.

Cleanspark boosts bitcoin mining capacity with acquisition of 20,000 Bitmain rigs

Bitcoin mining operation Cleanspark has acquired 20,000 new Bitmain mining rigs for $43.6 million and, once installed, will add roughly 2.44 exahash per second (EH/s) to the Cleanspark farm fleet, according to the company. Can expect a 37% increase in capacity. Executives say this is one advantage of the proprietary mining or ‘prop mining’ model and that we have tremendous control over the infrastructure and hence our ability to be extremely efficient in how we allocate our resources.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Slips Below $25,000 After Recent Surge

Bitcoin fell below the $25000 mark on Friday as the market went into consolidation following recent gains. If we look at the prices of the last 24 hours, then its price has registered a decline of about $1700. At the time of writing we see the global cryptocurrency market cap down by 1.89% and Ethereum was also down after breaking the $1700 level on Thursday.

Unstoppable Domains and Crypto Browser Opera Wide Scope to Offer Accessible Web3 Identity System

Opera and the web3 browser and Unstoppable Domains, the non-fungible token domain provider, announced that users are now able to access all domain endings including .x, .crypto, and .nft securely in Opera’s browser, and in addition Opera and Unstoppable are offering a free .nft domain that matches Opera users’ Twitter handles after verifying the account.

Biggest movers: MATIC rallies to new 10-month low

Its price managed to climb to a 10-month high during Friday’s session and extended its recent gains. The token has now risen for the fourth consecutive session and is up 13% since this time last week. Polkadot rallied on Friday, hitting and surpassing a key resistance level in the process, and its price managed to follow investors and reach new highs where it should be.

Prosecutors seek restrictions on former FTX CEO’s electronic devices after VPN use for football streaming

Prosecutor in Financial Fraud Case Against Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Asks Judge to Ban Electronic Equipment Trying to give approval to do so. It has been learned that the former CEO of FTX uses a virtual private network to watch the Super Bowl through an overseas subscription service purchased prior to his arrest. Prosecutors are sceptical, arguing that virtual private networks are commonly used to access international crypto exchanges blocked in the United States.

Bill allows Russian financial platforms to operate blockchain, issue digital assets

A draft law filed in Russia’s parliament also allows operators of platforms providing financial services to run on the browser platform. The law will also help and allow them to combine and operate their regular activity in the traditional financial market with the issuance of digital assets.


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