Square Enix to use Polygon’s network in Symbiogenesis, its upcoming Web3 experience

Japanese game-developing company Square Enix has provided an update on the development of its upcoming Web 3-based experience, Symbiogenesis, announced in November and the company reveals that it plans to support part of the game’s blockchain component. Polygon, will use an EVM-compatible sidechain.
The game, which will consist of several art non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as its story revolves around achieving missions and gathering resources in a land called the Floating Continent. Regarding the use of Polygon’s network in the game, Naoyuki Tamate, Symbiogenesis producer at Square Enix, states that we will definitely take advantage of Polygon’s high transaction speeds, low gas fees, and the friendliness of all users to provide this unique experience for web3 fans. Select the option to tap into. Square Enix has already stated that the game will use Ethereum as part of its infrastructure while it has been clarified via Twitter that Polygon’s blockchain will be used to utility the Fairytale game while Ethereum will be used for NFTs. It is proposed to be done for collection. While some blockchain gaming trends – such as the play-to-earn model – have experienced a downfall as part of the recent turbulence of the cryptocurrency market, there are still a few companies looking into the possibilities of bringing decentralized structures to gaming experiences. Believes
Urvit Goel, vice president of Global Games and Platform Business Development at Polygon Labs, believes that Web3 adoption in games as well as in games will continue to grow as developers realize the benefits of the model.
According to Urvit Goyal “Our latest collaboration is just using it to show that Web3 is decisively gaining more traction among the world’s biggest developers and at the same time is the one factor that is driving this innovative stack of technology.” and every single one of the benefits it offers has huge potential when it comes to gaming”. While Symbiogenesis will apparently be the first AAA game designed from the ground up to incorporate elements of blockchain, this isn’t Iso Onyx’s first foray with blockchain. The company is currently a validator in Oasis, a gaming-oriented Web3 blockchain initiative, and already announced in January that it has original IP blockchain games under development, and that it is set to unveil more of them this year.


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