Hashkey Capital Raises $500 Million For Its Third Fund Despite Crypto Market Downturn

HashKey, a global asset manager focused on crypto and blockchain investments, closed its third fund on Tuesday at $500 million, according to the announcement, and the company’s “HashKey Fintech Investments III” will invest in crypto solutions, blockchain technology and web3 projects. dedicated to developing and maintaining it.

Officials reveal that Iran and Russia are considering issuing a gold-backed stablecoin

Russian press reveals that Iran’s capital Tehran and its capital Moscow are discussing a possible or hypothetical launch of a stablecoin for international settlements, with a lawmaker saying plans to mine gold-backed currency And the authorities will first need to regulate crypto assets and need to provide a proper framework.

Shanghai Metaverse pilot launches digital services in 20 urban locations

The city of Shanghai is bringing its Metaverse activities to 20 locations that will allow citizens to consent to use digital devices differently by region. It is now an initiative that is a part of a pilot program of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization to push forward a variety of metaverse applications to the population.

Cascade of short liquidations leading to surge in bitcoin price, highest ratio of short vs long wipeouts since July 2021

If we take the data of the last 7 days, the top two cryptocurrencies have seen a significant increase in which both Ethereum and Bitcoin have registered a gain of 18.6% against the US Dollar in Ethereum and 22.6% in Bitcoin respectively. If we look at the market data, the biggest increase in the assets of both was seen on Saturday. According to the Bitfinex report all of a sudden people have made a read and fair ratio after July 2021 and according to the Alpha report the market is completely centralized by limited traders who are clear from market depth. The price effect from whatever the market orders are for bitcoin appears to be similar to power and there is little change for altcoins. This means the market is mostly up with the leg up and with a sharp fall in Open Interest in the week, the bulls expect a pullback with a cautious outlook.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Back Above $21,000 After Strong Chinese GDP Data

Bitcoin climbed above $21000 as the clouds reacted to better-than-expected Chinese GDP data. If seen, businessmen have also felt the economic night after returning to action after the Martin Luther holiday. Certainly Ethereum climbed above $16000 in the first session.

Hashkey Capital Raises $500 Million For Its Third Fund Despite Crypto Market Downturn

Fund 3 will provide investors with a graded exposure to all aspects of technology based on blockchain and crypto of all types. The new fund will primarily aim to invest in infrastructure and tooling as well as applications that have the potential to scale and create a revolution.

BIS economists recommend 3 crypto policies for regulators around the world to adopt

Economists at the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) have advised regulators around the world to adopt three strategies to deal with the risks posed by cryptocurrencies. With this, he said that the authorities can now consider different types of policy approaches as well as work to reform the monetary system in the public interest. Economists are clear that the failure of bitcoin’s boom and bust has not yet trickled down to the traditional system or economy, but there is no assurance that they will in the future as decentralized finance and Tread-fi become more interconnected.

Georgia is preparing to launch a digital lorry pilot in the first half of 2023

The Central Bank of Georgia intends to publish a document related to a digital currency in the coming months. Other saffron-taking parties will also use it to finalise their proposals for a pilot like the Sir Authority which is developing plans to launch in the first half of the year.

Tanzania’s Central Bank takes a ‘phased and risk-based approach to CBDC adoption’

After months of research, Tanzania’s central bank has just announced that it has adopted a risk-based approach to the adoption of its central bank digital currency, and during the research the central bank says it has found no evidence of the issuance, distribution, counterfeit and to control the risks associated with the use of currencies has been emphasized and taken care of under special provisions.

WEF predicts metaverse tech will transform industry first, moving to consumer space later

An article by the World Economic Forum predicted how metaverse technologies would be developed and introduced in different fields. The most impactful implementation of this technology is to maintain the technology environment and at the same time ensure on various parameters that it contributes to more work and less cost. The article states that he will explore new ways for technology to expand and consumers create their own path into the metaverse – ranging from micro-optics and advanced types of haptic interfaces to AI sensing awareness.


Spanish airline Vueling to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment

The airline Vueling announces that it is exploring the functionality of blockchain and NFTs to accept cryptocurrencies as payment for its services. The company has enlisted the help of registered Spanish cryptocurrency exchange Crane and aims to open up the payment option to users by Q3 2023 as well as use it on various demands. Jesus Monzo, Alliances and Distribution Manager, Vueling, explains that this agreement puts them at the forefront of innovation to develop new types of technology and further reinforces their commitment to customers and Also develops or offers the best and advanced types of tools and solutions on their website.

Crypto Gainers of 2023: Decentraland’s MANA Token Outperforms Bitcoin With 88% Surge in One Week

The crypto currency economy is performing better during the third week of the new year than in 2022 and we can definitely say that this year has brought happiness for the crypto currency. Certainly it is currently valued at $993.17 billion. , as a variety of bullish assets have performed with double-digit gains during the past two weeks, while some of the top 10 cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum are doing well, in fact some digital currencies have made gains this year. Has left many of the top 10 coins behind in terms of .

Biggest Movers: XMR, DOT rallying higher, rebounding from recent declines

On Tuesday, Monera bounced back from recent losses as the coin attempted to recapture its highs and made another attempt in the same direction. The move comes as US markets reopened after a public holiday on Monday. Polka Dot also moved up in today’s session, breaking the record for two days low rate as well as inactivity.

Major Turmoil in the DeFi Lending Sector: 71% of Total Value Locked Evaporated in 12 Months

Decentralized finance (DeFi) is deeply embedded in the cryptocurrency economy as a non-custodial way for ecosystem users to exchange digital assets and lend cryptocurrencies, issue stable coins as well as provide arbitrage related benefits. provides. In the DeFi lending space, a lot has changed over the past 12 months as lending applications like Terra’s Anchor Protocol have turned to dust and with it 71.95% of the total value locked in Lending Protocol evaporated .

Smart Contract Tokens, DeFi Economy See Strong Growth, Market Cap Increases To $78 Billion In 30 Days

We can see that smart contract tokens and the decentralized finance economy are moving lower against the US Dollar in the past month. The economic market capitalization of the Smart Contact platform token, as compared to the 30-day data, has increased to $78 billion, up from $243 billion. The tax has become $321 billion. In addition the total value cap on Decentralized I Locked has increased by $5.39 billion.

Former SEC Official’s Crypto Warning: The Regulatory Onslaught Is Just Beginning

John Reed Stark, the Securities and Regulation Commission’s head of Internet enforcement, has a warning for the crypto industry, according to which regulators are just getting started. had followed. Certainly the commission is giving strict instructions that the road ahead for crypto is not going to be smooth and strict action or regulation can be expected.


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