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WEF predicts metaverse tech will transform industry first, moving to consumer space later.

WEF predicts metaverse tech will transform industry first, moving to consumer space later

The World Economic Forum (WEF) recognizes that the metaverse needs to be implemented in an industrial environment before it can be adopted by consumers. In an article published on January 13, the organization predicts that it will be implemented first on an industrial scale so that it can help various companies design and monitor tasks in a more efficient and more efficient way, and accordingly companies can operate. Two of the technologies that will be present as an integral part of the industry in this phase as well as will certainly confront the industry are the digital twin and the era of augmented reality. Implementing digital clones and converting a set of elements from the real world through digitization to increase the functionality of any element or to test for potential assembly line inefficiencies Only a model will be allowed to be prototyped without being formally manufactured.
Also extended reality which is one of the technologies mentioned in the article and will allow designers to bring and mix real world elements with digital elements to investigate the interaction between the two.
Certainly these technologies are already being adopted by companies and include automaker Renault, which launched its industrial Metaverse system in November and clearly aims to have 330 cars by 2025, along with targeted implementation. million dollars to be saved.
Companies like Meta focusing on the consumer touch point are investing billions in this sector and WEF. According to this, it will definitely include elements of innovation as well as promotion of industries. It is further said to develop a variety of technologies for the industrial metaverse, ranging from micro-optics and advanced types of haptic interfaces to artificial intelligence sensing awareness, to facilitate the consumer’s access and help him reach the metaverse. . The organization certainly believes that once these two separate metaverses are established it will be able to improve on each other and recommends focusing on putting resources into the consumer’s metaverse and using them Strives to bring into industrial condition what is already happening in various sectors and is working in it. W.E.F has already mentioned how the metaverse will certainly function as an environment in May 2022, before making recommendations for new technology to be introduced into the world in May 2022 and to maintain its safety and privacy, especially when children are involved. Have gone One can sum up and say that World Economic Farms is certainly looking to work for Metaverse’s technology as well as implement it at various levels and for this it is preparing the company and its The clear intention is that before it is implemented for consumers and before it reaches the consumers, it will have to go through industrialization where companies can test its merits and also test it at different levels and at different standard possibilities. By doing the work of developing, we can definitely know that along with the operation of the technology, the things necessary for its implementation will also be taken care of and along with that it can be investigated at different levels.



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