Shark Tank Star Kevin O’Leary Defends Support of Crypto Exchange FTX and Sam Bankman-Fried

Mr. Wonderful, better known as the Shark Tank star, has come out in support of crypto exchange SBF and its former CEO, saying that this is America where the justice system is simple and defends innocence until proven guilty. He also debunks the allegation that Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) linked himself to in hearings before senators about the failure of the crypto exchange. Of course, he believes the ex-CEO is innocent and says he wants to investigate all his legal and investment so he wants to know what really happened and how things happened.

Federal prosecutors probing Democrats over Sam Bankman-Fried’s donations

Several members of the US Democratic Party and campaign are being investigated by prosecutors over assets donated through the SBF and said to have received funds from stolen clients for any charity or political campaign. It is being used and we speak to work to return those money to innocent people. It is estimated that the SPF donated $1 billion according to the Tesla CEO.

It is reported by the new CEO of FTX that the family of this SBF is also using the private assets of the crypto exchange.

The parents of FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried are facing an investigation into their son’s involvement in the business and its operations where two professors Bankman and Barbara Fried have not been accused of any wrongdoing, But the current CEO has made it clear that Joseph Bank and the family definitely had $121 million in Bahamian real estate linked to him and a $16.4 million home in his parents’ name, but SBF’s parents flatly deny it. and state that he had no idea of any such economic ownership trust.

Gemini forms committee of creditors with Houlihan Lokey to resolve Genesis liquidity issues

Two weeks ago, according to a report in the Financial Times, Genesis Global Capital owed $900 million in dues to Gemini customers, and according to sources, the exchange creditor was trying to recover the money by forming a committee and taking 31 days to stop the withdrawal. Days later, Cameron Winklevoss tweets that he formed a committee with Houlihan Locke, who serves as a financial advisor.

Donald Trump Trading Card NFTs Skyrocket In Price As His ‘Major Announcements Are Being Made A Mockery’

While on the one hand a platform is being prepared for the sale of NFT cards by the 45th former US President, which includes a variety of facilities and the opportunity to spend time with him on the purchase of the card, but some political pundits and the current US President According to Joe Warden, this is just a means of increasing publicity, which has become a means of attracting the public and it is one of the useless decisions that have been made by Trump, but sources tell somewhere that Certainly the announcement of the sale of his NFT cards has been well received by the public and is receiving a very good response.

Onecoin co-founder pleads guilty to fraud charges in US

Onecoin co-founder and operator Carl Sebastian Greenwood pleads guilty to charges of money laundering and key role in building a crypto pyramid and global master distributor of counterfeit cryptocurrencies since 2018 while he was arrested coldly Was and extradited by USA while OneCoin co-founder Ruja Ignatova is still on the run having been missing since 2017. The sentencing of Onecoin co-founder Greenwood has been set for April 5, 2023.

Binance To Help Azerbaijan With Crypto Regulations

Offering to support Azerbaijan in its efforts to establish regulations for digital assets, cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the leading coin trading platform, has been active this year, expanding its presence in the market and negotiating with the authorities. demanding to do. Certainly the representative of Binance supports regulating crypto currency rather than banning it and applauds it as the industry of the future and says that despite the negativity of the industry environment, we have found the industry climbing Is.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Target Expected to Increase 3% Higher While Miners Deal With Low BTC Price

The mining difficulty target is expected to increase on December 19, 2022, and the largest reduction recorded in 2022 is designated the December 5 block height of 766,080 where during the last 2016 block, bitcoin’s hash rate was approximately 254.3 exahash per second (EH/s). ), and the block interval has been fast at 9:41 minutes per block.

Deceased computer scientist Hal Finney’s Twitter account has been praised after his wife activated it.

Where people and users are caught in the dilemma and in crisis after the Twitter chief’s tweet that the Twitter account of the bitcoin supporter and late computer scientist Which will also be closed, then his wife took over his account and tweeted that now this account is alive again and now we are following all the rules and regulations, so many users have advised him for this act. And his effort has been named bravery and said that it is definitely a┬ápositive┬ástep.


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