In relation to a memorandum on Twitter it was tweeted by its boss Elon Musk that he will definitely purge and permanently delete those Twitter accounts which are inactive and those Twitter accounts which are read without any tweets. So the same computer scientist and bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney’s Twitter account also came under threat and then his wife Finney restarted her husband’s account and of course she handled her husband’s Twitter account and users Responding to the tweet, said that now this account of his is alive again and it will definitely not be removed from Twitter, nor will there be any problem with this account in any way, so the users are also happy that now There is no problem and any kind of pressure or announcement from Elon Musk will not affect the computer scientist’s Twitter account and we can say that his account has been saved only because of the strong protest of the people where he had to was supported and in other news we see that of course different- There has been a good response from different people and some people have told it towards a positive step where the late computer scientist’s wife has definitely been appreciated by some users through tweets and she should definitely be rewarded. Because it was a bold act taken by her that saved her husband’s Twitter account. We can see that people are really appreciating him by different reactions and it is really a commendable¬†act.


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