Twitter charges $8 per month for blue checkmark verification, according to Elon Musk – plans to reward content creators

Musk said that the $8 per month fee for blue checkmark verification is the only way to defeat bots and trolls. However, many Twitter users are unhappy with the company’s announced fee. Musk responded that Twitter rests solely on advertisers. Can’t trust them and will need to pay the bills somehow. He added that if an account is found to be spam, it will be suspended.

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Files Amicus Brief To Support Ripple In SEC Lawsuit For XRP

The regulator sued Ripple, its CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen over the sale of XRP, alleging that the crypto token is a security. Coinbase believes that parties like Ripple should be given fair notice in those cases. be allowed to pursue the rescue, where they face surprising enforcement tasks.

MicroStrategy Reports $727K Loss Charges on Bitcoin Holdings in Q3

MicroStrategy (MSTR) posted a digital asset minimum of $727,000 on its bitcoin holdings in the third quarter, down from $917.8 million in the second quarter as the price of bitcoin held steady at the end of the second and third quarters. The company’s digital asset losses This shows a decline in the price of bitcoin. MicroStrategy’s chief financial officer, Andrew, said in the statement that such a change would “spur additional institutional adoption of bitcoin as an asset class.”


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