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Crypto Blockchain News Of the Day – 1-Nov-2022

The tax authority of India asks crypto exchanges for details of coins traded on their platforms

India’s premier tax authority has reportedly asked major country’s cryptocurrency exchanges to provide details of trades done on the platform. The tax authority wants to decide whether goods and services tax can be applied to them. According to him, they have held a comprehensive meeting on the issues of the assets and have sought information on the calculation and transaction fees of the respective crypto products.

SEC Chairman Gensler wished Nakamoto’s bitcoin whitepaper a happy birthday and called for ensuring that crypto investors are properly protected.

The SEC chairman said that it has promoted innovative crypto asset investments. We will ensure that investors are properly protected as crypto enters its 15th year.

Bitcoin Com Expands Defi Access With Public Sale of Ecosystem Utility Token VERSE

Bitcoin․com announced that the VERSE token public sale is now live. VERSE will reward and support participants who are seeking onboarding into Bitcoin and Defi to buy, sell, store, use, and learn cryptocurrencies. Dennis Jarvis, CEO of Bitcoin.com, said his team believes in enhancing economic freedom with the hassle-free features offered on the secure, trustworthy platform that rewards the team’s utility. We are entering a new era for Bitcoin.com with the sale of VERSE.

The Central Bank of Nigeria doubled down on plans to introduce newly designed Naira banknotes.

The central bank said that this is long overdue and urged Nigerians to support the currency redesign plan which is in the interest of every citizen of the country. The introduction of new 100, 200, 500, and 1,000-naira banknotes into circulation The scheme is to start from 15th December. Due to this people are expected to return the old notes by the end of January 2023.



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