Veteran trader Peter Brandt says the Dogecoin bear market is over

Trader Peter Brandt says that the Dogecoin bear market that started in May last year is over. He made the statement after the price of Dogecoin rose after Elon Musk acquired the social media platform Twitter! He is a chartist and author of The Factor Report. Tweeting DOGE’s chart, Brandt wrote that it’s called a bear channel!

Professor Steve Hanke says the US economy was flat compared to last year but it is going to take a hit in the South!

Steve Hanke believes a “very big recession” will occur in 2023. According to Hanke, he has increased the likelihood of a US recession to 90% because he believes the money supply has tightened at an “unprecedented” rate. Hanke says during his interview that the economics professor That quantitative tightening is a big topic now because the money supply has shrunk significantly.

Economists discuss Russia, and China potentially developing gold-backed currency that could weaken the US dollar.

China has shared its views on potentially creating a new gold currency, saying China is buying huge amounts of gold, while Russia was forced out of the US dollar due to sanctions imposed on the country. If concluded, Beijing and Moscow are seeking to create units of currency within their spheres of influence and regions that are isolating themselves from the threat of US sanctions. Remains the most secure, convenient, and widely used currency. No other currency is comparable and is not likely to change in the future.

Top Crypto News – Bitcoin Hiding by Tesla remains the same in Q3.

Electric car maker Tesla reported in its quarterly report that they have sold nearly 75% of their bitcoin holdings for cash, which is shocking news to investors around the world. However, the company’s latest earnings came on Wednesday. According to the report, in the third quarter, Tesla did not sell any of its remaining bitcoin holdings or buy any bitcoin. Tesla’s report showed that its digital asset was valued at $218 million at the end of its reported second quarter. This bitcoin was sold as reported in early July 2022. In the period between the two quarters, Tesla also noted that the company’s bitcoin holdings see no loss charges as bitcoin has maintained a fairly stable value, slightly below the $20,000 mark.


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