NFT sales up 138% in the past week, Blur Markets dominates this week’s ETH-based NFT sales

If we talk, NFT sales have been filled in the last week which is 138.15% more than the previous week. Record sales between last Friday and February 24, 2023, and the series shows that $801 million in NFT sales has been settled.


US regulators and Federal Reserve issue joint warning about crypto liquidity risks

A warning was issued by US regulators and the Federal Reserve regarding the liquidity risk associated with crypto assets. The regulator made it clear that the bank is certainly “neither prohibited nor discouraged from providing banking services to any particular class of customers on the basis of any provision permitted by law or regulation”. In particular, some sources of funds from institutions related to crypto assets may pose increased liquidity risk for banking organizations only because of the uncertainty of the scale and timing of deposit inflows and outflows.

IMF Board Provides Guidance To Develop Effective Crypto Policies

Guidance has been provided to member countries on developing effective cryptocurrency policies by the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The need to develop comprehensive crypto regulations was emphasized by the board “to optimally mitigate the risks posed by crypto assets while harnessing the potential benefits of technological innovation” and the International Monetary Fund said this By adopting this, policy makers can best mitigate the risks posed by crypto assets and at the same time harness the potential benefits of associated technological innovation. The Directors generally agreed that crypto assets should not be given official quantity or legal status in order to protect monetary sovereignty and stability, and the Directors agreed that a strict ban is not the first best option but based on the objective of domestic policies. But where authorities face capacity constraints, of course we can apply targeted sanctions.

JP Morgan to open blockchain innovation lab in Greece

Finance giant JP Morgan announces that it will set up a state-of-the-art blockchain innovation lab in Greece. The lab will focus on developing applications and digital identity solutions on top of Onyx, the blockchain platform launched by the bank in 2020 and will showcase the importance of digital identity in the bank’s future. Loban announced that he believes that digital identity is a key to unlock web3 at scale and enable interaction and services from web2 to web3 equally.



Commodity strategist Mike McGlone predicts recession as top catalyst for gold’s rise above $2,000

Mike McGlone, Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, shares his outlook for March and notes that the “top catalyst” that could propel gold above the $2000/oz. range is clearly bearish. In an update on bitcoin and the Nasdaq, senior macro strategist McGlone explains that a key reason and a key factor forcing the United States Federal Reserve to change its stance is certainly the “sharp decline in the stock market” and the swift snapback. The markets are particularly well known and will signal divergent strength versus central-banks if bitcoin can sustain above $25000.


Crypto Policy: Kenyan Senate Ready to Involve the Central Bank

The Information and Communications and Technology Committee of the Senate of Kenya states that it is committed to significantly shape the country’s policies towards cryptocurrency property and residential property service providers and involve the Central Bank of Kenya and other stakeholders. is ready. Such a policy, according to the committee, would certainly help regulate the use of crypto assets in the country and at the same time “serve to ensure that Kenya can reap the benefits of financial innovation while mitigating the risks”. takes advantage.”

Eclipse to launch Rollup blockchain for Polygon Network with Solana compatibility

Customizable roll-up provider Eclipse announces it is launching a startup-like scaling solution that is compatible with Annuity and Polygon. Eclipse revealed that the layer2 blockchain can certainly run smart contracts on Solana and that decentralized applications (dApps) will be easily migrated to the polygon level virtual machine (SVM).

Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: US Consumer Sentiment Data Leads BTC Below $24,000

Bitcoin falls below the value of $24000 on 24 February as markets continue to anticipate the upcoming consumer sentiment data from the United States. A University of Michigan report suggests that despite current inflationary pressures, we can expect to see a rise in confidence and Ethereum retraces modestly from Thursday’s highs.

Google Cloud will become a Tezos validator and offer validation services

Google Cloud, a product of software giant Google, has announced a partnership with a blockchain company called Tezos to become a block validator (“baker”) in its network and as part of this partnership Google Cloud will definitely offer all kinds of services through its platform which is related to the blockchain company Tezos and this will make the creation of projects easier for the customers from all over the world. James Tromans, Director of Engineering for Web3 at Google Cloud, declared that developers know the value of great technology and certainly see opportunities to deliver differentiated offerings that build on top of the foundation and that There are a number of products and services supported by would-be blockchain developers. We know the value of the technology, and we see an opportunity to provide differentiated offerings that are built on top of a foundation that likewise supports the many products and services blockchain developers seek to create.


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