Home News Tencent to offer metaverse-building services for Asian markets.

Tencent to offer metaverse-building services for Asian markets.

Tencent to offer metaverse-building services for Asian markets

Tencent, one of the largest tech companies based in China and the creator of the popular game PUBG, exclusively reveals its position and views on the future of its Metaverse strategy. The company announces that it will focus on providing “metaverse-in-a-box” services to its customers through its cloud division, and this move is clearly positioned as a media services offering. comes which the company launched last year and aims to trigger the act of developing a virtual world for Tencent customers in a much more affordable and meaningful way. The tools launched by Tencent will certainly be used by companies in gaming and media and entertainment and retail to create and design these spaces with different purposes in mind and Tencent’s next target is Asia. to serve customers in the U.S. markets, and in particular, Singapore and Malaysia, and Indonesia and Thailand, which the Company anticipates will experience significant growth in the region and at the same time experience significant growth in the region.
With more businesses now eager to explore and adapt to an efficient and transparent and digital future, we appreciate that and look forward to providing web3 technical support,” said Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International. We are certainly ready to take advantage of our technical experience in the field of games and audio and video to develop and develop it and work to make it an industry partner with a deeper experience and a better web3 ecosystem is used. Tencent’s innovative plans to grow the Metaverse hardware business point to a focus on what the company is known for, such as software development and the use of advanced technology, while the company announced in June 2022. announced the creation of its augmented reality unit in 2007 and said it would develop native hardware to enhance its in-house experience and recent reports point to the cancellation of this initiative and the dissolution of the group indicates. To be fair, Tencent has dismissed reports of the division’s alleged disbandment but has said that it is adjusting its staff due to a change in plans, and that other Chinese companies are also moving to their respective divisions and offices. Groups of initiatives based on this are poised to make the cut such as Byte Dance, maker of the Pico line of virtual reality (VR) headsets.



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