Google Launches Blockchain Node Engine, Says Ethereum Will Be the First Blockchain Supported

*Multinational tax form Google has announced the Blockchain Node Engine to support more and more blockchains. Ethereum will be the first blockchain. Google said in its published blog that we can understand that blockchain itself will make Web 3.0 further and the company will be able to do its transactions easily through Ethereum. This will prove to be good in strengthening the blockchain system and enhancing the user experience. The tech company further said in the statement that given that blockchain maintains a need for greater transparency and greater expertise, our efforts can drive growth in this area and Google Cloud computer and network infrastructure reliability, performance, and security. Can read or write blockchain data with it.”


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell faced political pressure after raising interest rates.

*Chair Jerome Powell faced opposition to the mandate when the Federal Open Market Committee decided to hike interest rates at the time of its meeting. He was asked by the senator to consider the public order before taking any political decision. He was asked not to forget his promise of providing employment and think about the interest of more and more people and reduce inflation. According to Quincy Crosby, the public was the pressure that caused them to worry because leaders also fear losing their seats. On the basis of the same logic, it can be said that such a mandate will not have any effect on the Fed.

Cryptocurrency mining was banned by Moldova amid the energy crisis due to the war in Ukraine.

*Kill the rest The government has decided to ban cryptocurrency mining as it is affected by the Ukraine war. Moldova’s President Mia Sandu temporarily banned crypto-related mining activities and the import and export of specialized equipment. He took this decision to overcome the energy crisis.

Mad Money’s Jim Cramer Apologizes for Being Wrong About Facebook Parent Meta After Stock Plunge

*Jim Cramer apologizes for his remarks that Meta is a good investment after Meta stock fell sharply. He gave an emotional statement saying that I was wrong. I thought this team is good, and I believed in it but sorry for an extraordinary mistake. He argued it’s been 40 years since I’ve been in this business and I expected this stock to do some good but I apologize for being wrong. But despite all this, Mark Zuckerberg has become very focused on the meta and would like it to grow further.

Hong Kong plans to legalize crypto trading to become a hub

*Hong Kong is in the stage of implementing a regulatory regime for crypto trading in order to further facilitate trading. A mandatory license will be issued for retail trade which will allow the business to be carried out in March next year. Regulators want to allow the listing of larger tokens but will not support coins such as bitcoin or ether, the people said, adding that details and timetables have yet to be finalized after thorough deliberations.

A US judge ordered the arrest and imprisonment of a bitcoin Ponzi operator.

*A bitcoin Ponzi operator has reportedly been convicted of failing to pay $40 million to the US Securities and Exchange Commission in defiance of court orders. According to officials, he defrauded investors out of at least 764,000 BTC. The district judge also said that Shaver’s failed to appear for the hearing.


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