Veteran investor Mark Mobius expects the price of bitcoin to drop to $10,000. Where different economists and investors have different opinions in this regard and they prove their point of view with their opinion and give important statements in the field of bitcoin which proves that they are optimistic and some are pessimistic.

Mark Mobius, founder of Mobius Capital Partners, shared his statement on the value of bitcoin in an interview on Monday, saying that before starting his company, I spent more than 3 decades working and serving at Franklin Templeton Investments and there he served as Executive Chairman. of the Marketing Group where he managed over $50 billion in an emerging markets portfolio. Famous veterans and investors say that their next target for bitcoin is 10,000 considering that it is too dangerous for them to invest money in stock or for customers which is full of risk and does not support us in our own policy accumulation is or does not help us .
After the collapse of crypto exchange FTX and the subsequent massive market crash, he said that crypto is here to stay because the investors who believe in it too much and expressed surprise that its price has occasionally increased so much that investors There is benefit. He adds that this was not the first time the former executive used $10,000 as his target for bitcoin, but in May he advised investors to consider the cryptocurrency not as an instrument, but as a speculation. They further say that the crypto market is volatile which can collapse anytime and is fully capable of draining your money so invest thinking that you are speculating or just spending your money somewhere having fun. There will not be so much pain or discomfort and you can do your further work in peace. He cautions everyone against the temporary and surprising but depressing consequences of crypto and urges you not to go against the death of crypto because there is no solution. Significantly, he is not the only one to expect the price of bitcoin to fall to $10,000, while Jeffrey Gundlach, CEO of Bond King aka Dublin Capital, made a statement in June that he would not be surprised if bitcoin reaches $10,000. Will happen. Gold bug and economist Peter Schiff said this month that bitcoin has a long way to go where he values ​​it at $10,000. Commentators have been divided on this, with some saying bitcoin will fall to $10,000 but others. People are optimistic and have faith in bitcoin. That means the balance is heavy on both sides and people have different opinion for example some people said they believe bitcoin price will reach $2500 by mid 2030 while some pessimistic. Comment pessimistic in spirit but people’s opinion about this shows how serious they are about bitcoin. Really all these statements are very important in the field of bitcoin because they directly mean the benefits and losses of bitcoin and investors’ money. This statement by veteran investor Mark Mobius, along with the price of bitcoin, shows how important his advice is to people who want to reduce risk, as well as regarding the price of bitcoin. Which really shows you What will be the status of bitcoin in the near future and what will be the opinion of the investors. He clarifies the situation by saying that it is actually worth predicting where and when bitcoin will go and what it will be like. In fact, this statement works as a great revolution in the field of bitcoin, which is a very commendable work.


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