Investor Mark Mobius Expects Bitcoin Price to Fall to $10,000. He Says “Crypto Is Here to Stay Because Many Investors Still Believe in It.” Investor Says His Next Target for Bitcoin Is $10,000 He advised investors to look at crypto as a speculative option. According to the survey, about 1,000 investors expect the bitcoin price to go below 10,000 while some are optimistic.

Crypto Exchange Bayfront Shuts Down Amid Industry Challenges

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfront ordered to cease operations in the coming months shows the challenges facing the industry, and US trading platforms operated by Japan’s social media giant Line indicate the decision is not related to the collapse of FTX.NEWS Sign-ups and credit card payments have been suspended. It also asked customers to withdraw their assets by March 31, 2023 as all withdrawals will also be suspended.

World’s Largest NFT Marketplace Open Sea Adds BNB Blockchain Support

Opensea, the world’s largest non-fungible token marketplace by NFT sales volume, announces support for BNB blockchain-based NFTs on its marketplace and with blockchain support, Opensea users will be able to buy and list BNB NFT assets .Opensea already supports Ethereum, Solana, Klayton, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Polygon Networks. According to the executive, the update will make it easier to reach users and creators on the series they love.

NFT firm Candy Digital cut more than a third of the company’s workforce.

Companies and the market are feeling the second biggest crypto winter ever, with NFT sales far lower than at the start of the year, and according to a report published and “several people are in the position”, NFT company Candy Digital firm K is laying off more than a third of its 100 staff. The NFT platform is not the only crypto business that has laid off employees as the entire crypto industry has been plagued by layoffs throughout the year.

Chain LINK At 20-Day High, DOGE Rebounds From Monday’s Loss

Chain Link hit a 20-day high as it surged for the second day in a row. After a bad start to the week, the cryptocurrency markets were higher in today’s session. Dogecoin was another notable gainer, as Mayhem Coin rebounded from losses and after hitting a low of $6.67 to start the week. Dogecoin is again trading near the three-week high of $0.1079 and dropped to a low of $0.09145 at the beginning of the week. The RSI has just crossed its range at 59.00, and is currently tracking at 60.90.


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